What Is AWS Mobile Hub

What Is AWS Mobile Hub

In this AWS article, we will discuss what is AWS mobile hub, and along with that, we will also discuss a few other topics as below.

  • Key Features of AWS Mobile Hub
  • AWS Mobile Hub VS Amplify
  • AWS Mobile Hub Pricing
  • AWS Mobile Hub Console
  • AWS Amplify
  • Disadvantages of AWS Mobile Hub
  • What is AWS Amplify Console?
  • Key benefits of AWS Amplify
  • Features of AWS Amplify
  • AWS Amplify Pricing
  • AWS AppSync

What Is AWS Mobile Hub

AWS Mobile Hub is a set of AWS services that helps developers to easily develop, deploy, configure different mobile apps.

Provides you the provision to integrate different AWS services to your mobile apps.

It helps you to develop customer-facing mobile apps.

Not only, development, configuration, or deployment, it also helps to quickly test the application in different devices once the app is ready with development.

Key Features of AWS Mobile Hub

Well, let’s discuss here, the key features of AWS Mobile Hub.

Support for No SQL Database

No SQL Database is one of the excellent choices for mobile backend solutions and known for the great features like high availability, Ease to use, superb performance.

The No SQL Database uses Amazon DynamoDB internally for creating the database objects.

AWS Mobile Hub supports the No SQL database.

Excellent Support For Analytics and Messaging

This is another excellent feature that AWS Mobile Hub provides you. This helps you to identify the user’s behavior towards your app.

Messaging helps you to send emails, push notifications, SMS to the users.

You have the provision to configure Analytics and messaging separately or you can also configure both together based on your need.

In case you choose Analytics, Amazon Pinpoint does all the analysis on app usage, visualization, funnel analytics, merging the data from multiple apps, etc.

When you are choosing Messaging, Google Cloud Messaging or Firebase helps you to send push notifications to the users.

Once you have configured Analytics and messaging for your AWS Mobile Hub project, the Amazon Pinpoint Console can help you to visualize the analytics.

User Sign-in

You can use the AWS Mobile Hub User sign-in feature for adding the authentication feature to your mobile app.

It helps you for accessing different AWS resources with your existing credentials from Google, Facebook, etc.

Streaming and Hosting

The hosting feature helps you to host the content and also distribute your content with the help of CDN for your mobile app quickly.

At the same time, the Streaming feature helps to easily stream your media.

The Streaming and Hosting feature uses Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront to deliver the content quickly.

AWS Mobile Hub VS Amplify

Both AWS mobile hub and amplify are used to develop, deploy, configure different mobile apps. AWS Mobile Hub will be replaced by AWS Amplify on October 30, 2021.

Let’s discuss a few key differences between AWS mobile hub and amplify.

AWS Mobile HubAmplify
AWS Mobile Hub was the initial version.Amplify is the later version and is the substitute for AWS Mobile Hub.
With a flexible architecture as compared to AWS Mobile Hub.
Comes under the Mobile Backend category.Comes under the AWS Tools category.
It’s cheaper and continuous deployment.
Provides better security.

AWS Mobile Hub Pricing

There are no additional charges you need to pay for using AWS Mobile hub. You just have to pay for the underlying AWS services.

AWS Mobile Hub Console

Aws Mobile hub console is the tool to help you to build, test, and monitor your mobile app.

It also helps you to add different new features to your app.

Disadvantages of AWS Mobile Hub

The major problems with the AWS Mobile hub are listed below.

  • It was quite difficult for the maintainance of the mobile backend application with AWS mobile hub.
  • Minimal provision for contineous deployment of web apps and hosting security.
  • A bit complex architecture.

Here is the AWS Amplify, that can fix the above issues for you. It contains all the best features of the AWS mobile hub and some additional features.

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is an open-source and very powerful framework that provides you with a set of libraries, UI components, CLI that helps you for developing a web app, mobile app backend, and integrating with android, iOS, web, etc.

You can develop modern UI-driven apps with the help of AWS Amplify.

Earlier AWS Mobile Hub was there for the same purpose and from October 2021, AWS Amplify is going to replace AWS Mobile Hub.

AWS Amplify provides you a set of developer tools. AWS Amplify Console is one of the excellent developer tools that provide you the provision to build, host, deploy different mobile apps and web apps.

For modern app development, AWS Amplify will be the best option in the future.

What is AWS Amplify Console?

AWS Amplify Console is an excellent tool that is targeted for the continuous deployment of modern web apps.

It supports JavaScript, Angular js, React js, Next.js, etc. Also supports mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Flutter, etc.

You can quickly create a project and link to your source code that might be located in any repositories like GitHub, BitBucket, etc.

Mainly, helps you to secure your website, build and deploy your website to a Content Delivery Network.

Key benefits of AWS Amplify

Well, let’s discuss a few key benefits of AWS Amplify.

Quick Deployment

Deployment was not easy with AWS Mobile Hub. But With the help of AWS Amplify, with the help of few clicks, you can able to quickly deploy your static websites and single-page apps.

Content management becomes easier

Managing the content becomes so easier with the help of AWS Amplify. Even a person with admin access and without any development knowledge can able to manage the content and app users with the help of Amplify admin UI.

Quick backend configuration

AWS backend configuration and development becomes easier with the help of Amplify admin UI and different workflows. Build-in support for the backend management.

Easily connect to frontends

You can easily connect to the frontend of your web, android, etc with the libraries provided by AWS Amplify.

Modern UI-driven approach

Provides you with a modern UI -driven approach to build your applications that really look different.

Simple and Faster

AWS Amplify comes with a very simple architecture and provides you with the opportunity to build your mobiles apps and web applications faster with the extensive support of rich libraries and fantastic tools.

Managed Service

Since AWS Amplify is a managed service. You no need to take any responsibility in terms of managing the hosting and infrastructure.

Pay as you go model

Another interesting point is, You need to pay only for the services you are actually using.

Features of AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify provides you with lots of excellent features. Let’s discuss here a few key features.

Support For Analytics

You can get extensive support for analytics that helps you to track the behavior of users or customers towards your mobile app or web application. Based on the feedback, you can act on it.

Support for Push notifications

You can send notifications on your content to your users or customer via push notifications with the help of Amazon Pinpoint, You can also send via email or text messages.

Fantastic Storage Support

Provides you fantastic storage support with the help of Amazon S3 to store your photos, videos, docs, etc securely in the cloud or on devices.

Better User Management

Provides an excellent tool known as admin UIĀ that helps to manage Creating and editing users and user groups, updating user properties, verifying the signups, and also helps for content management quickly with a few clicks.

AWS Amplify Pricing

The pricing for AWS Amplify is based on the pay-as-you-go model. Only you need to pay for the services that you are actually using. No additional or hidden charges.

You need to pay for the build & deploy and hosting features.

Free TierPay as you go
For Build & DeployYou will get 1000 build minutes/month @ free of cost.You need to pay $0.01/build minute
For HostingYou will get 5 GB stored/month and along with that, you will also get 15 GB served/month  @ free of cost.You need to pay $0.023/ GB stored/month and along with that You need to pay $0.15/GB served

AWS AppSync

AWS AppSync is an excellent service that helps you to develop GraphQL APIs that help the faster development of the applications.

Another interesting point is, AWS AppSync scales the GraphQL API execution engine automatically based on the demand or need.

Can quickly connect to different data sources like Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, etc.

Benefits of AWS AppSync

Let’s discuss a few key benefits of AWS AppSync.

Easy Integration with AWS services

AWS AppSync can seamlessly integrate with different AWS services like DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, RDS, etc to make the development task easier and that intern helps to increase productivity.

Serverless infrastructure

No headache to manage the servers. AWS AppSync provides you with inbuilt serverless infrastructure which is highly available.

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed, What Is AWS Mobile Hub and along with that we have also discussed the below topics

  • What Is AWS Mobile Hub
  • Key Features of AWS Mobile Hub
  • AWS Mobile Hub VS Amplify
  • AWS Mobile Hub Pricing
  • AWS Mobile Hub Console
  • Disadvantages of AWS Mobile Hub
  • AWS Amplify
  • What is AWS Amplify Console?
  • Key benefits of AWS Amplify
  • Features of AWS Amplify
  • AWS Amplify Pricing
  • AWS AppSync

Hope you have enjoyed this article !!!