Azure Active Directory Authentication

Azure Active Directory Authentication

Azure Active Directory authentication provides more security to your application by providing multiple levels of verification for your identity. The main intention of the Azure Active Directory authentication is to enhance the security of your application not just provide the username and password as part of the authentication process. Rather it provides multiple levels of authentication.

Azure Active Directory provides you with one of the most secure authentication options.

Provides you with multi-factor authentication and a single sign-on option. Helps you to protect your users from different cybersecurity attacks.

Below are a few key components that are part of Azure Active Directory Authentication.

  • Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Self-service password reset
  • Passwordless authentication
  • Enforce password protection policies for an on-premises environment
  • Write password changes back to the on-premises environment

Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication

Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication is an excellent authentication process to enhance the security of your application. As per this authentication process, as an additional level of security, the user has to fill out an additional form for identification during the sign-in process.

As part of the additional level of security, you need to enter the code on your mobile or you need to provide a fingerprint scan.

So since it provides an additional level of security so not that easy for the attacker to attack your application.

Self-service Password Reset

With the help of the Self-service password reset feature, the user can able to do the Password change, Password reset, and Account unlock by itself without getting any help from the administrator or the helpdesk.

Passwordless Authentication

As we all know that it is quite easy for a hacker to hack your password. Passwordless Authentication mechanism makes the hacker task never easy. Now with the help of the Passwordless authentication mechanism, you can provide your credentials with the help of the methods like FIDO2 security key or biometrics with Windows Hello for Business, etc.

Single sign-on

Access your apps securely from anywhere with the single sign-on feature of Azure AD.

Single identity platform

It provides you with a single identity platform that helps you to connect your external and internal users more securely in one place.

Azure Active Directory Authentication Methods

There are different authentication methods provided by Azure Active Directory and those are as below

  • Microsoft Authenticator app
  • Windows Hello for Business
  • FIDO2 security key
  • SMS
  • OATH software tokens
  • OATH hardware tokens (preview)
  • Password
  • Voice

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Wrapping Up

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