Azure Cloud Services pricing

Well, let’s discuss here the details on the Cloud Services pricing.

Instance DetailsCoresRAM sizeTemporary Storage CapacityPricing Details
A01You will get 0.75 GBYou will get 20 GBYou need to pay $0.02/hour
A11You will get 1.75 GBYou will get 225 GBYou will have to pay $0.08/hour
A22You will get 3.50 GBYou will get 490 GBYou need to pay $0.16/hour
A34You will get 7.00 GBYou will get 1,000 GBYou will have to pay $0.32/hour
A48You will get 14.00 GBYou will get 2,040 GBYou need to pay $0.64/hour

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In this article, we discussed Azure Cloud Services pricing. Now, you decide whether to use the same based on your pricing requirements. Thanks for reading this article !!!