Azure Function App Security Best Practices

Well, here we will discuss a very important topic i.e. What are the Best Practices in the case of Azure Functions Security that we need to follow while working with the Azure Functions? Below are a few key Best Practices that we need to keep in mind as part of the Security for the Azure Functions.

1- Validate Azure Function Input Properly

Make sure to validate the Azure Function Properly. Do not assume something for the Input parameters. You should use some trusted APIs if possible to validate the Azure Function Inputs.

Avoid untrusted inputs for your Azure Function. Follow all the coding standards Properly while writing the code for your Azure Function. While working with the Azure Function, you need to interact with many sources like Queue Storage, CosmosDB, NoSQL DB, etc, Just make sure to validate the Sources properly before using them.

2- Minimize Excessive Permissions

Do not use more permissions that are actually not needed and will be the reason for risk for your Azure Function. Only assign the Permission for the Azure Function So that the Azure Function can execute Successfully. Before assigning the permissions, analyze properly, and assign the exact permission that is actually needed.

You can use the Azure role-based access control (RABC) to assign permissions to a specific user or group. You can also use the SAS token service from Microsoft to give the needed access to the Azure Resources.

3- Do not Disclose Your Azure Function Secrets

As you are working with the Azure Functions, many times you need to use the Azure Function Secrets. As the name suggests, Keep the Azure Function secret Properly.

You can use the Microsoft CredScan tool to analyze the Credential leaks if any. One more thing is you can use Key Vault which helps for these scenarios to manage the encrypted keys.

Wrapping Up

Well, in this article, we discussed the lists of Azure Function App Security Best Practices. Now it’s your turn to utilize this information to secure your Azure Function app. Thanks for reading this article !!!