Benefits of Azure Networking

In this article, we will discuss 4 key benefits of Azure networking.

Benefits of Azure Networking

Azure networking has many benefits. Let’s discuss a few key benefits of Azure networking.

1- Provides global network

  • You can deploy your networking infrastructure using highly available global Azure DNS with your Azure. Build your network to reach your customers and end-users on a global scale.
  • Manage your Azure with multiple regions globally with the help of the Azure Load Balancer. Azure Application Gateway helps you to build secure and highly available web applications.
  • One more offering from Azure networking is the Azure Content Delivery Network which helps to boost the performance and high availability of your content to your customers worldwide.

2- Provides a secure environment for your data.

  • With more than 90 compliance certifications, Azure provides a secure environment for your data.
  • Azure Networking provides the Network security groups, that help to limit traffic to the applications. It also provides the Application security groups that help you replicate the security policy.
  • It offers with web application firewall that helps to protect your web application from web vulnerabilities.
  • Azure DDoS Protection is one more offering from Azure Networking that helps to protect resources, logging, alerting, etc.

3- Perfectly monitoring your resources

Network Performance Monitor (NPM), is one of the offerings from Azure Networking that helps to check the performance of all your applications, services, resources, etc.

Provides the NPM for Azure ExpressRoute that helps Monitor the end-to-end connectivity and performance between your branch offices and Azure.

One more excellent offering is Azure Monitor which helps to track the performance, security, and health of your infrastructure. Azure Network Watcher helps diagnose problems and track issues in your network with packet capturing, flow log analysis, etc.

4- Reliable Private connections

Azure ExpressRoute is one of the great offerings from Microsoft Azure Networking that helps you to create a private and fast network connection to Azure.

Virtual network peering is another offering that helps to connect two Azure virtual networks without the need to use gateways. Azure Networking also provides inbuilt VPN capabilities that help you to securely access your all Azure resources.


Azure networking has many benefits. Here, we have discussed 4 key benefits of Azure Networking. Thanks for reading this article !!!