Azure Sentinel vs Splunk

Azure Sentinel vs Splunk

In this article, we will discuss the key differences between Azure sentinel and Splunk. Along with this, we will discuss a few other topics as mentioned below.

Azure sentinel vs Splunk

Both Azure Sentinel and Splunk are good. For a few people, Azure Sentinel is a better choice as per their requirements and for some people, Splunk is a better choice. Both can do the job for you. Let’s explore a few key differences between Azure sentinel and Splunk.

Azure sentinelSplunk
What is Azure SentinelCollect, analyze and visualize all your organizational security and business applications data with the help of Splunk.
Create your alert rules, dashboard, etc.Create your own structure to monitor your data.
If your organization is already using Microsoft products, especially Microsoft Azure, then Microsoft Sentinel is a great choice and easy to set up using Azure Portal.
superior in terms of technology.A bit less compare to Azure Sentinel.
Simple to use and configure.You will have to learn Splunk to use many of the tools properly. Mostly, you need to learn the query language to use Splunk.
Easily integrates with all the products from Microsoft.
Belongs to Microsoft so more trusted by some people.Splunk belongs to a small company compared to Microsoft but provides very good customer support.
Create your own actions with the help of the connectors (More than 200 approx) provided by Azure sentinel.
Automation of different tasks inside Azure is easy but difficult outside Azure.
Easy and efficient for the security team.The security team must have knowledge of query language to work with.
The Pricing structure is based on the Pay-As-You-Go model. Only pay for what you have used. You need to pay per GB. Check out Azure Sentinel Pricing for more details.

More Flexible in terms of pricing.
You need to pay a flat rate with different price plans but still, you need to pay for the service even though you have used less.

Not flexible enough with regards to the pricing model.

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Wrapping Up

We have discussed the key differences between Microsoft Azure sentinel and Splunk. Now it’s your decision to use Azure sentinel or Splunk based on your requirements.