Azure Synapse Analytics vs Snowflake

Azure Synapse Analytics vs Snowflake

Do you want to know the difference between Azure synapse Analytics and Snowflake? then this is the right place for you. In this Azure article, we will discuss Azure Synapse Analytics vs Snowflake or the key differences between Azure Synapse Analytics and Snowflake. Along with that, we will discuss a few other topics as mentioned below.

Azure Synapse Analytics vs Snowflake

Currently, many companies are trying to work with cloud solutions and want to move their data to the cloud. The reason behind this decision is it is cost-effective, no headache for storing, managing data, Many tools to analyze their data the most important point is their critical data is highly secure.

There are many scenarios where people might face difficulties to make a decision whether they need to go with Azure Synapse Analytics or Snowflake. Keeping this point in mind we are trying to point out some major differences between Azure Synapse and Snowflake.

Well, let’s discuss here a few key differences between Snowflake and Azure Synapse Analytics.

Key ConceptsAzure Synapse AnalyticsSnowflake
Type of ServicesAzure Synapse Analytics is Platform as a Service (PaaS).Snowflake is Software as a Service (SaaS).
Pricing ModelYou need to pay on an hourly basis based on your usage.This is based on the Pay-As-You-go pricing model and you need to pay per second basis based on your usage.
In terms of ScalabilityAzure Synapse is less scalable as compared to Snowflake. Scalable in terms of some specific features.Supports auto-scaling. It is more scalable in nature compared to Azure Synapse.
Need of AdministratorsHere, the role of the Administrators is really important so you need to hire administrators to monitor a few of the critical services.You don’t really need to hire Administrators as most of the jobs are done automatically.
Supported Cloud PlatformsBasically, Azure Synapse runs on the Azure cloud platform.Not specific to Azure. It runs on different cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, Google Cloud platform, etc.
Supported LanguagesIt supports different languages like Python, SQL, Java, Scala, etc.Snowflake supports different programming languages like Python, JavaScript, etc.
Support to XMLAzure Synapse doesn’t support XML.It supports XML.
Support for Secondary IndexSecondary Index is supported in case of Azure Synapse analytics.Snowflake doesn’t support Secondary Index.

Difference between Azure Synapse Analytics and Snowflake in terms of their Limitations


  • It is not userfrindly. The UI is bit complicated.
  • Quite expensive.

Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Takes a bit more time to configure the setup and even to learn for the beginers.
  • Not easy to integrate different 3rd party data source applications.
  • Not much support towards NoSQL.

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Wrapping Up

Well, In this article, we have discussed a few key differences between Azure Synapse Analytics vs Snowflake. Now it’s your turn to decide you want to go with Azure Synapse Analytics and Snowflake based on your requirement. Hope you have enjoyed this article !!!