Azure Traffic Manager Benefits

Azure Traffic Manager is one of the cloud services from Microsoft that works better than how the Load balancer works. It helps to route your incoming Web traffic to various instances of your applications based on the workload. In this Azure article, we will discuss the list of Azure Traffic Manager benefits.

Azure Traffic Manager Benefits

Below are a few key benefits of the Azure Traffic manager

1- Easy Configuration

It is very easy to configure the traffic manager. You can configure the Traffic Manager with a few clicks. You just need to set the routing policy in the Azure Portal.

2- Increase Performance

It works purely at the DNS levels and manages the incoming request so well outputting more burden on any of the instances of your application that helps directly to increase the performance of your application.

3- No Downtime Needed

Once you have configured the traffic manager for your application, no downtime is required for any kind of maintenance activities like upgrading the patches or application maintenance, etc.

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Voila!! There are many benefits of Azure Traffic Manager. Now it’s your turn to decide if you wish to go for that. Thanks for the time to read this article !!!