What is Azure VPN client and How to download Azure VPN client?

What is Azure VPN client and How to download Azure VPN client

Well, in this Azure article, we will discuss Azure VPN client, and what it is exactly. and what are Azure VPN client download options? Basically, we will discuss 3 ways to download the Azure VPN client.

What is Azure VPN client and How to download Azure VPN client?

The Azure VPN Client helps you to connect to Azure from anywhere in the world securely. From the security perspective, it allows you to use the Azure Active Directory, certificate-based as the authentication option that ensures high security.

Option-1: Download from the Microsoft store

The new Azure VPN client is available on the Microsoft store. 

  1. To download Azure VPN client, You just need to navigate to the below URL.

2. Click on the Get in Store app button from the right side.

azure vpn client msi

3. Click on the Get button from the next pop-up.

Download azure vpn client

4. Now, it will start downloading the Azure VPN client, Once downloaded successfully, You can able to see the Open button. Click on the Open button to open the Azure VPN Client.

azure vpn client download

After clicking on the Open button, you will see Microsoft Azure VPN Client.

Azure VPN client

Option-2: Download from the Azure Portal

Another approach is by using the Azure Portal.

You can also generate the VPN client configuration files using the Azure portal, to do that you need to follow the below steps

Step-1: Login to the Azure Portal.

Step-2: Once login, navigate to the virtual network gateway for the virtual network.

Step-3: On the virtual network gateway page, click Point-to-site configuration from the left side menu under the Settings option.

Step-4: On the Point-to-site configuration page, click the Download VPN client button from the top menu. then it will take a few minutes to generate the client configuration package.

Step-5: Now you will get a zip file. You can unzip this file to use that.

Option-3: Download Using PowerShell

One more way is to generate the VPN client configuration file using Powershell

You can use the below PowerShell cmdlet to generate the VPN client configuration file

$getAVPNClientConfigurationFile=New-AzVpnClientConfiguration -ResourceGroupName "newresgroup" -Name "vnet-my-managed-sql-instance" -AuthenticationMethod "EapTls"

Azure VPN Client

Now copy the URL generated to your browser to download the zip file and then unzip the file to use that.

You can configure the Azure VPN Client in the below operating systems

  • Windows
  • Mac OS (X)
  • Linux

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Final Words

Well In this Azure article, we discussed Azure VPN client and 3 ways to download Microsoft Azure VPN client. Thanks for reading this article !!!