Delete a data disk from Azure VM

We can detach the data disk from the Azure virtual machine by following the below steps.

1. log in to

2. Search for Virtual machines there.

how to delete azure vm

 You will see the list of VMs created in your Azure subscription. It will show the VM name, Type, Status, ResourceGroup, Location, etc.

azure delete virtual machine

3. Now click on the virtual machine for which you want to detach the data disk and click on the Disks link from the left menu.

how to detach disk from azure vm

4. Click on “Edit” from your Virtual machine disks screen

powershell detatch data disk from azure vm

5.  click on the below detach button, which is highlighted. It will detach the disk from the virtual machine.  You cannot do any files or shares after that.

how to delete azure vm and all associated resources

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In this Azure article, I discussed how to delete a data disk from Azure VM.