How to enable MFA Azure

How to enable MFA Azure

In this Azure article, we will discuss how to enable MFA for your user in Azure?. It is always recommended by Microsoft to enable Azure multi-factor authentication for your users for extra layers of security.

How to enable MFA Azure

You can quickly enable multi-factor authentication on a user basis by following the below steps.

  1. Login to Azure Portal.
  2. Search for Azure Active Directory and click on the search result “Azure Active Directory
azure enable mfa for user

3. Click on the Users link from the left navigation.

azure enable multifactor authentication for user

4. Now, you will see the lists of users. Select the user for the one you wish to enable the multi-factor authentication and then click on the Per-user MFA option.

how to enable mfa for user in Azure

5. You can able to see the Multi-factor auth status for this user is “Disabled”. To enable this, select the user and then choose the Enable option as highlighted below.

Enable mfa for user in Azure

6. To confirm this action, click on the “enable multi-factor auth” button and you are done with the steps. Congratulation, you have enabled the multi-factor authentication successfully.

Azure multifactor authentication setup

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Wrapping Up

In this Azure article, we discussed how to enable MFA per user in Azure. Now, it’s your turn to enable multi-factor authentication using the above information mentioned in this article. Thanks for reading this article !!!