How to add user to Resource Group in Azure

Well, here we will discuss adding a user to your Azure Subscription with Resource Group Access.

How to add user to Resource Group in Azure

Follow the below steps

1. Login to Azure Portal (

2. Now, After logging in to the Azure Portal, search for the “Azure active directory” and click on the search result.

How do I add a user to a Resource Group in Azure

3. Click on the Users button from the left side menu

how to add a user to a resource group in azure

4. Click on the + New user button to create a new user

How to add a user to a Resource Group in Azure

Now follow the Article How to create a user in Azure active directory and create the user. You can see I have created a new user

How to create a user in azure active directory

When this new user Test logs in for the first time, he won’t be able to see anything in the subscription until so we should grant him access to a specific resource group. 

5. Navigate to the Resource group that you want to give access.

create azure resource group Powershell

6. Now click on the Access control (IAM), then click on the + Add button and the Add role assignment option.

azure create resource group

7. Select the role, Assign access to option, and select the member to add as below, then finally click on the Save button.

create azure resource group

Now you are done, the user Test is now the owner of the resource group MyNewresgroupupdt. He can fully manage all the resources inside that group.

He can also create new resources inside the resource group.

You can add a user to a Resource Group in Azure.

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In this article, we discussed how to add a user to the Resource Group in Azure. Thanks for reading this article !!!