How to start with Azure Virtual Desktop

How to start with Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop or AVD is an excellent Desktop as a service. In this Azure article, we will discuss how to get started with Azure Virtual Desktop.

How to start with Azure Virtual Desktop

You might be interested to learn about Azure Virtual Desktop but slightly confused about where to start with. Before that as a prerequasite, make sure you have a valid Azure subscription or account. If not, then you can create a Azure free account now.

Assuming you are ready with the prerequasite needed, Follow the below steps to get started with Azure Virtual Desktop in Azure Portal.

  1. Log in to Azure Portal.
  2. Search for Azure Virtual Desktop and click on the search result Azure Virtual Desktop.
Get started with Azure Virtual Desktop

3. On the Azure Virtual Desktop window, click on the Getting Started link from the left navigation.

azure virtual desktop

4. Now, click on the Start button.

azure virtual desktop setup

5. On the Getting Started wizard, provide the below details

  • Subscription: Choose a valid subscription that you wish to use here.
  • Identity provider: You can either choose the Existing active directory or No identity provider. As per my requirement, I am selecting here No identity provider option.
  • Identity service type: Select the Azure AD Domain Services option as the Identity service type.
  • Resource Group: Provide a name.
  • Location: Select the location or region.
  • Azure admin user name: Provide the Azure admin username.
  • Password: Enter the password.
  • Domain admin user name: Enter the Domain admin user name.
  • Password: Enter your password.

Click on the Next: Virtual Machines > button to navigate to the Virtual Machines tab.

how to use azure virtual desktop
how azure virtual desktop works

On the Virtual Machines tab, provide the below details

  • Users per virtual machine: Select Multiple users option.
  • Image: Select Windows 11 Enterprise multi-session.
  • Virtual machine size: You can click on the Change size link and select the size of the Virtual Machine based on your requirement.
  • Name Prefix: Enter an unique name prefix.
  • Number of virtual machines: Enter the number of virtual machines as per your requirement.
  • Link Azure template: If you will select this option then you need to provide the ARM template file URL.

Then click on the Next: Assignments > button to navigate to the Assignments tab.

azure virtual desktop client

On the Assignments tab, enter the below details

  • Create test user account: Select this option to create a test account.
  • Test user name: Enter the user name for your test account.
  • Test Password: Provide the password for your test user account.
  • Confirm Password: Confirm the same password that you have entered.

Now, click on the Next: Review + create > button.

setup azure virtual desktop

Now, the system will validate if all the details are correct, once the validation will pass, it will show you Validation passed message and you will see the Create button. Finally click on the create button and you are done.

setting up azure virtual desktop

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Final Words:

In this Azure article, we discussed how to get started with Azure Virtual Desktop. Now it’s your turn to start with using the above information. Thanks for reading this article !!!