Is Docker a VM?

Is Docker a VM

Let’s discuss if a Docker is a Virtual Machine or not. It is going to be a very quick article.

Is Docker a VM

  • Docker is a container-based technology and containers are logical environment which is created on a computer where any of the application can run.
  • On the other hand, Virtual machines are not based on container-based technology. Virtual machines are like servers: it is a computer within a computer that provides the user with the same experience as a physical system.
  • So Docker is not exactly a virtual machine (VM).


What is Azure Docker?


  • Docker is a container management and imaging platform.
  • This supports operating systems like Windows and Linux.
  • Azure Docker is a container-based technology.
  • Docker is an open-source technology and runs on a single node.
  • Docker allows you to run containers. A container is nothing but a sandboxed process running an application and all its dependencies to host on an operating system.

Final Thoughts

So now, we have an answer to the question Is Docker a VM?. Thanks for reading this article !!!