In this Azure PowerShell article, we will discuss the syntax, usage of New-AzResourceLock Azure PowerShell cmdlet with examples.


New-AzResourceLock is a very good PowerShell command to create a lock for your Azure resource.


Below is the syntax of the New-AzResourceLock Azure PowerShell cmdlet.

   -LockName <String>
   -LockLevel <LockLevel>
   [-LockNotes <String>]

   -ResourceName <String>
   -ResourceType <String>
   -ResourceGroupName <String>

Well, let’s discuss a few examples on the usage of the New-AzResourceLock PowerShell command.


Below is the code that will create a lock for TsInfoWeb website.

New-AzResourceLock -LockLevel CanNotDelete -LockNotes "tsinfo lock detail notes" -LockName "TsInfoWebSiteLock" -ResourceGroupName "MyNewResGrp"  -ResourceName "TsInfoweb" -ResourceType "microsoft.web/sites"

After executing the above code, I got the confirmation Pop up. Clicked on the Yes button to confirm.

New-AzResourceLock PowerShell

Then, I got the below output, the resource lock for the website has been created successfully.

PS C:\Users\Bijay> New-AzResourceLock -LockLevel CanNotDelete -LockNotes "tsinfo lock detail notes" -LockName "TsInfoWebSiteLock" -ResourceGroupName "MyNewResGrp"  -ResourceName "TsInfoweb" -ResourceType "microsoft.web/sites"

Name                  : TsInfoWebSiteLock
ResourceId            : /subscriptions/1cdf4300-dee5-4518-8c8c-feaa72a5hjk1/resourceGr
ResourceName          : TsInfoweb
ResourceType          : microsoft.web/sites
ExtensionResourceName : TsInfoWebSiteLock
ExtensionResourceType : Microsoft.Authorization/locks
ResourceGroupName     : MyNewResGrp
SubscriptionId        : 1cdf4300-dee5-4518-8c8c-feaa72a5hjk1
Properties            : @{level=CanNotDelete; notes=tsinfo lock detail notes}
LockId                : /subscriptions/1cdf4300-dee5-4518-8c8c-feaa72a5hjk1/resourceGr

You can see the below output here


You can update or modify any parameter of your Resource lock using the Set-AzResourceLock PowerShell command.

If you don’t want the Resource lock anymore, you can use the Remove-AzResourceLock PowerShell command to delete the resource lock in a span of second.

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Wrapping Up

Well, in this Azure article, we have discussed the syntax and usage of the New-AzResourceLock Azure PowerShell cmdlet with examples. Thanks for reading this article !!