What if you have removed your critical Azure AD application by mistake and you wish to get it back? Nothing to worry about, In this article, we will discuss how to restore your Azure AD application using the Restore-AzureADDeletedApplication PowerShell command, its syntax, and usage with examples.


This is a very useful PowerShell command that can help you restore your deleted Azure AD application.


Below is the syntax of the Restore-AzureADDeletedApplication PowerShell command.

 -ObjectId <String>

Let’s discuss an example of how to use the Restore-AzureADDeletedApplication PowerShell command.

First, I have used the Remove-AzureADA application to remove one of my Azure AD applications. See the screenshot below.

restore deleted application azure ad

To cross-check that the application has been deleted successfully, I have executed the Get-AzureADApplication command with the specified Object ID. Check out the screenshot below. I got the resource not found error.

Get-AzureADApplication Error occurred while executing GetApplication

Now is the time to restore the Azure AD application.


You can execute the PowerShell command below to restore the Azure AD application.

Restore-AzureADDeletedApplication -ObjectId ef68982c-5978-4b9b-8589-ba174f5b8f08

After executing the above command, I got the below-expected output.

ObjectId                             AppId                                DisplayName
--------                             -----                                -----------
ef68982c-5978-4b9b-8589-ba174f5b8f08 07a20682-d07e-4419-857f-f9943a9ea7bf TsinfoApp 

See the same output in the below screenshot.


To cross-check, I have re-executed the PowerShell command, and you can see that the respective device has been restored successfully.

Restore-AzureADDeletedApplication PowerShell

Restore-AzureADDeletedApplication PowerShell – Video Tutorial

You can also check out a Video tutorial on the Restore-AzureADDeletedApplication PowerShell command.

Final Thoughts

In this Azure PowerShell article, we discussed the syntax and usage of the Restore-AzureADDeletedApplication PowerShell command with examples of how to use the Restore-AzureADDeletedApplication command. Thanks for reading this article !!!