What is scalability in AWS

This article will discuss what is elasticity in AWS and its types.

What is scalability in AWS

The ability to increase the size of the workload either software or hardware, in your existing infrastructure and at the same time making sure that the performance is not impacted is known as scalability in AWS.

The ability to increase or decrease the resources quickly based on the need and to ensure that it doesn’t affect the application’s performance.

You can use Amazon CloudWatch to avail the autoscaling feature.

Types of Scalability AWS

Below are the different types available in AWS.

  • Auto-Scaling
  • Manual Scaling


It’s quite easy to set the auto-scaling for your application. It helps you monitor your application automatically, adjust the capacity regarding resources and instances, and ensure that your application performs well.

With absolutely low cost, you can optimize the performance of your application by utilizing the AWS auto-scaling feature.

If you want a balanced resource for your application at the right time, then AWS auto-scaling is the perfect choice.

You can use the AWS Management Console or SDKs to set up the auto-scaling feature quickly.

Benefits of Auto-Scaling in AWS

Well, let’s discuss a few key benefits of AWS Auto-Scaling.

Easy Set-up

You can quickly set up auto-scaling for your application with simple steps. You can also set it for multiple resources at a single interface.

You can see the average utilization of all your resources in one place.

Increase Your Application Performance Automatically

AWS Auto-Scaling helps you improve your application performance by balancing the needed resources.

Cost Efficient

You need to pay for the resources that you are using. No need to pay any extra amount. The interesting point here is that it releases the extra resources immediately whenever you don’t need them, saving a lot for you.

Manual Scaling

You can also set up the manual scaling option using a few quick steps.

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In this article, we discussed what is elasticity in AWS and its types.