Azure SQL Database Pricing

Let’s discuss the Azure SQL database pricing here.

The pricing of the Azure SQL Database depends upon the Purchase model, Compute tier, Service tier, hardware type, etc.

vCore is one of the best models that you can choose. If you will consider a Gen 5, For Minimum vCores (0.5), Maximum vCores (40), Minimum Memory (2.02 GB), and Maximum Memory (120 GB), you need to pay $0.0001450/vCore-second.

In the general purpose tier, for the storage, per the GB/month, you need to pay $0.115.

For the Backup storage, in case of Point-in-time restore, for RA-GRS, you need to pay $0.20 per GB per month, and For the Backup storage, in case of Long-term retention restore, for RA-GRS, you need to pay $0.05 per GB per month.

For more information, check out the Azure SQL Database Pricing now.

Azure SQL Pricing Calculator

Now, you can configure and estimate the Azure SQL pricing easily with the help of the Azure SQL Pricing Calculator. The calculation depends on the Region, type as a single database or elastic pool, Backup storage tier, Purchase model as vCore or DTU, Service tier as general-purpose or business-critical or hyperscale, Compute tier as Provisioned or serverless, hardware type and the instance type, etc.

So check out the Azure SQL Pricing Calculator now.


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