Azure Storage Tutorial

This page will teach you an in-depth tutorial on Azure Storage with complete steps and proper images with a video tutorial that will help freshers and experienced professionals achieve complete knowledge of Azure Storage.

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Getting started with Azure Storage

Azure storage typesLearn all about Azure storage, different Azure Storage types, etc.
Azure storage architectureCheck out the architecture of Azure storage.
Azure storage account: How to create Azure storage accountLearn what is an Azure storage account and how to create a storage account in Azure using Azure Portal, PowerShell, Azure CLI, etc.
How to Create Azure Blob StorageLearn how to create a blob storage in Azure
What is Azure Storage Account KeyLearn What the Azure Storage Account Key is, how to get the storage account access key, etc.
Azure storage explorerLearn the quick steps to back up Azure Storage Account.
Azure Storage Account Connection StringLearn how to get Azure storage account connection string using Azure Portal, PowerShell, Azure CLI, etc.
Azure Storage Queue vs Service BusCheck out the key differences between Azure Service Bus and Azure Storage Queue.
Find Azure Storage Account NameCheck out the quick steps to get Azure Storage Account Name.
Change Azure Storage Account locationLearn the quick steps to change your Azure Storage Account location.
How to enable Azure Storage Account Public AccessLearn the steps to enable Azure storage account public access.
Azure Blob Storage PricingLearn all about the Azure Blob Storage Costs.
Create a Folder in Azure Blob containerLearn how to create a folder in an Azure blob container.
Get Storage Accounts Azure PowerShellLearn to retrieve the lists of Azure Storage accounts using PowerShell.
Azure Blob Storage URLLearn about Azure Blob storage URL and Azure Blob storage URL format.
How to Upload and Download Files From Azure Blob Storage Using C# and PowerShellLearn different approaches to upload and Download files from Azure Blob Storage Using C# and PowerShell.


In this comprehensive Azure Storage tutorial, we introduced Azure Storage, Azure storage types, Azure storage architecture, Azure Storage account, Azure Storage Explorer, and how to download and install it.

Then we discussed the Azure Storage Account Connection String, the approaches to back up the Azure Storage account, how to find the Azure Storage Account Name and key, Azure Storage Account Public Access, Azure blob storage naming convention, Azure Blob Storage URL, etc.

Finally, we discussed multiple approaches to upload and Download files from Azure Blob Storage Using C# and PowerShell.

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