Azure Cognitive Services Tutorial

On this page, you’ll find useful Azure Cognitive Services tutorials.

These are in-depth, step-by-step tutorials of Azure Cognitive Services and are always accompanied by a video tutorial for easy understanding.

What Is Azure Cognitive ServicesLearn What Is Azure Cognitive Services, its benefits and features, etc.
Cognitive Services PricingCheck out Microsoft cognitive services pricing details.
Azure Text To Speech PricingCheck out Azure Text-to-Speech Pricing details.
Azure Cognitive Services Face APILearn all about what is Azure Cognitive Services Face API, its benefits and features, how to create the Face API, etc.
Azure Cognitive Services Modules For PythonLearn the list of Azure Cognitive Services Modules For Python.
How To Convert Text To Speech With Azure Cognitive ServicesCheck out Azure cognitive services text-to-speech example.
How To Use Azure Text Analytics In Power BILearn to use Azure Text Analytics in Power BI with an excellent real-time example.
How To Extract Text from Image Using Azure Cognitive ServicesLearn how to extract text from an image with an example.
Azure Cognitive Services Translator Text API ExampleLearn What is Azure Cognitive Services Translator Text API. and a Microsoft Translator API Example.

Azure Cognitive Services Errors and their Solutions

The remote name could not be resolved: ‘’Learn how to fix the error “The remote name could not be resolved”.


This page discussed Azure Cognitive Services, its benefits, key features, etc. Azure Cognitive Services Pricing, what is Azure Cognitive Services Face API, Face API pricing, the steps to convert m4a file to text, Azure cognitive services text-to-speech example, speech-to-text example, etc.

We also discussed the steps to Generate Thumbnails, extract text from images with an example, Language Detection With Azure Cognitive Service, etc.

Finally, we discussed the list of Azure Cognitive Services errors and the solutions I encountered while working with Azure Cognitive Services.