Azure VM Backup Policy

Recently, I was working on a requirement where I had to create an Azure VM Backup Policy and apply that policy to my Azure Virtual Machine. This article will discuss the complete steps to achieve this functionality.

Azure VM Backup Policy

Azure VM backup policy is the policy that you define for your Azure Virtual machine on the frequency of the Backup.

As per the default backup policy, it backs your VM once per day.

You can also set your own custom backup policy for your Azure Virtual Machine.

How to apply a backup policy to Azure VM

You can follow the below steps to apply the backup policy to your Azure Virtual Machine.

  1. Log in to the Azure Portal and search for “Backup center”.
  2. Click on the + Backup button.
How to apply a backup policy to Azure VM

3. Select the Datasource type as “Azure Virtual machines”. Click on the Select link to select a Vault. Click on the Continue button.

Apply a backup policy to Azure VM

4. Select the backup policy as DefaultPolicy, or you can create your custom policy by clicking on the Create a new policy link.

Azure VM Backup Policy

9. Click on the Add button under Virtual machines and select the VM you want to take backup applying this policy. Click on the OK button.

Note: Make sure to select the VM in the same region as the Vault you selected.

10. Finally, select the Enable Backup button.

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Wrapping Up

This article discussed all about the Azure VM Backup Policy. Thanks for reading this article !!!