Why did my Azure VM restart automatically

Why did my Azure VM restart automatically

Sometimes, you might have seen that while using the Virtual Machine, it suddenly gets automatically restarted. We don’t understand what is the reason for restarting exactly.

Why did my Azure VM restart automatically

Here is a glance at the reason that might cause Azure VM auto restart.

Planned Maintenance Activities From Microsoft

Microsoft uses to plan maintenance activities for the Azure Virtual Machines periodically to improve performance and reliability. Security of the infrastructure where the VM exists, etc.

For some of the updates, the Virtual Machine needs to be restarted, so in that case, your VM might get restarted, like changing the password of the Administrative account, setting up a Static IP address of the virtual machine, and resizing operations of the virtual machines, etc.

Multiple actions by the User

Users might have initiated some actions that might need a restart of the virtual machine VM resize operations, changing the password of the administrative account, and setting a static IP address.

Updates from Azure Security Center

Azure Security Center continuously monitors the updates for the Virtual machines. It checks if any updates are missing for the operating systems of the Azure Virtual Machine.

Azure Security Center installs those missing updates for the Operating systems that might need the restart for your virtual machine.

Security Violations

Your Virtual Machine might get restarted due to Security violations by the user or in case of the payment method expiration.

Virtual Machine Crash Issue

Sometimes, there might be a chance that the virtual machine is not able to handle the load, and due to that, it might throw some exceptions. In that case, the VM might get restarted.

Faults with the Host Server

As we all know, all virtual machines are running on physical servers. In case of any hardware failure like a failure for the hardware or Disk failure, etc can cause you to restart your Virtual Machine.

These operations sometimes need to stop the Azure virtual machine and then again to restart the virtual machine.

Unplanned maintenance from the Azure Team

In rare cases, the Azure team might find some issues with your Azure environment that must be fixed immediately. That might create some other major problems, if not fixed immediately then in that case they might have to update some patches or updates which might restart your Virtual Machine.

These are some of the reasons that might be the cause to restart the virtual machine.

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Final Thoughts

In this Azure article, we discussed the possible causes for your Azure VM to restart automatically. Thanks for reading this article !!!