Azure VPN Gateway Pricing

Azure VPN Gateway Pricing

This Azure article will discuss the pricing details for Azure VPN Gateway. At the end of this article, you will know how much you need to pay if you wish to use Azure VPN Gateway.

Azure VPN Gateway Pricing

Check out the details below, where you will know the exact Azure VPN gateway cost per hour based on the Gateway type, how much Bandwidth you will get, and the number of S2S tunnels and P2S tunnels you will get.

Basic₹2.38/hour100 MbpsMax 10Max 128
VpnGw1₹12.5583/hour650 MbpsMax 30Max 250
VpnGw2₹32.3872/hour1 GbpsMax 30Max 500
VpnGw3₹82.6204/hour1.25 GbpsMax 30Max 1000
VpnGw4₹138.8022/hour5 GbpsMax 30Max 5000
VpnGw5₹241.2514/hour10 GbpsMax 30Max 10000

The Inbound Inter-virtual network data transfer, i.e., the data going into Azure data centers between two virtual networks—FREE

Whereas Outbound Inter-virtual network data transfer i.e., the data going out of Azure datacenters between two virtual networks, is chargeable as below

Data transfer From Zone 1*— ₹2.3134 per GB

Data transfer From Zone 2*— ₹5.9487 per GB

Data transfer From Zone 3*— ₹10.5754 per GB

For more details on Azure VPN gateway price, you can refer to the below Microsoft Official site

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In this Azure article, we discussed VPN Gateway in Azure pricing details. I hope this information will help you to decide which Gateway type you wish to use based on your requirements. Thanks for reading this article !!!