How to get free AWS Credits

How to get free AWS credits

Do you want to save money on your AWS bill? then you are at the correct place to know how you can save some money on your AWS bill. To save your AWS bill, you should know what are AWS credits, how to get free AWS credits, and the best ways to get free AWS credits.

What are AWS credits

Basically, AWS credits are a perk offered by Amazon that helps you to save money on your AWS cloud bill. A promotional program from Amazon for the benefit of customers, users.

You can use your AWS credits against some eligible services. You can able to use the AWS credits until they are expired.

I hope, you have now a basic idea of what are AWS credits. Now let’s discuss how do you get AWS credits?.

How to get AWS credits

Well, there are a number of ways to get free AWS credits, We will discuss here the best ways to earn AWS credits.

If you are a startup, then Amazon provides you with a cool opportunity where you will get different tools, resources free of cost and along with that, you will get free AWS credits to encourage you as a startup to use cloud solutions.

Way-1: Earn the AWS Credits from AWS Activate ( AWS credits For Startups)

If you are a startup and want to host your application with AWS cloud, then you can get a lot of benefits, and along with that, you will also get up to $100,000 in AWS credits.

AWS Activate is the program that can help startups to grow by providing them some free resources or resources at lower cost, simple infra, etc along with the AWS credits.

AWS Activate program provides the startups with two subcategories and those are as below.

  • Amazon Web Services Activate Founders
  • Amazon Web Services Activate Portfolio

Let’s discuss how to get AWS credits for startups under each one of the categories.

Earn AWS Credits from AWS Activate Founders

First of all, you as a startup need to apply for the AWS Activate Founders program and there are a few eligibility criteria that you need to meet for instance your startup should be less than 10 years old, it must be self-funded, etc.

Once you will cross all these eligibility criteria, you will get the approval to use the Amazon Web Services Activate Founders program and the most interesting part is, you will get $1,000 in free AWS credits and along with that you will get $350 credits for developer support.

As a startup, you can enjoy these free AWS credits to grow your business.

Earn AWS Credits from AWS Activate Portfolio

As a startup, in order to enroll with the AWS Activate Portfolio program, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria, for instance, your startup should be associated with different startup enabling organizations like an incubator, venture capital firms, etc and your startup must be lesser than 10 years old holding a valid AWS account, etc.

Once you as a startup will get the approval, with this Amazon Web Services Activate Portfolio program, you will get up to $100,000 in AWS free credits, and not only that, you will also get $10,000 in AWS credits for your AWS business support, some free training, some exclusive offers, etc to grow your business as a startup.

Way-2: Earn AWS Credits from Different Educational, and Research Programs by AWS

There are different Educational and research programs provided by AWS to help the students, Faculty, etc with free AWS credits

Earn AWS Credits from AWS Cloud Credit for Research

AWS Cloud Credit for Research is also another cool program to get AWS free credits. Again, you need to be eligible to apply for this program with certain criteria like You must belong to a research institution as a full-time Faculty and a research staff for full time, A student with a proper degree like Ph.D. and must belong to a proper research institution, etc.

Once you will get into the program, you will get some number of AWS credits and other rewards which is not fixed and are based on the type of business proposal and usage.

But, As a student, you can get up to $5,000.00.

Earn AWS Credits from AWS EdStart

AWS EdStart is also another educational program that provides the opportunity to the entrepreneurs to learn and move on to AWS cloud with different cloud solutions.

To encourage you as an entrepreneur, AWS EdStart helps you with different free trainings on AWS cloud, Support from EdTech experts, discounted resources, and along that it also provides you free AWS credits to support you financially.

Earn AWS Credits from AWS Educate

AWS Educate program is an excellent choice for any person, student, professional to learn about the cloud for free with free training, free labs, and environments. As an educator or as an institution or even as an individual you can get some amount of free AWS credits that can absolutely help you to build your cloud world.

This is one of the best ways for AWS credits for students.

Way-3: Earn AWS Credits from different programs from nonprofit organizations by AWS

There is also another way to get some AWS free credits from different programs for different nonprofit organizations.

Earn AWS Credits from the Nonprofit Credit Program by AWS

The AWS Nonprofit Credit Program helps nonprofits to implement the different solutions on the AWS cloud by providing $1,000 USD in AWS credits. Basically, Amazon helps nonprofits to grow towards cloud solutions.

Earn AWS Credits from AWS Imagine Grant

Basically, AWS Imagine Grant is an excellent program for the nonprofit organization to learn cloud, work on some PoCs on cloud solutions, moving towards AWS cloud to build different cloud solutions. This program is basically to support nonprofit organizations.

There are certain criteria for the nonprofit organization to apply for this program for instance the organization should be with the 501(c) status, etc.

Basically, the AWS Imagine Grant program is further divided into two categories and those are

  • Go Further, Faster Award
  • Momentum to Modernize Award

As part of the Go Further, Faster Award, you will get the opportunity to get $100,000 USD in AWS Credits, and not only that, you will also get $150,000 USD for the financial support.

Same way, As part of the Momentum to Modernize Award, you will get $10,000 USD in AWS Credits and along with that, you will also get $30,000 USD for financial support.

Way-4: Earn AWS Credits by creating An AWS free tier Account

The best way to earn AWS credits is by creating an Aws free tier account. Along with that, you will get a lot of free resources to work with AWS cloud. For an instance, you will get 25 GB of Free storage for Amazon DynamoDB, 1 million free requests per month for AWS Lambda, etc. Basically, you will get almost all the useful resources that you need to work with AWS cloud free of cost.

Way-5: Earn AWS Credits by attending Webinars and events on AWS

You can earn some AWS credits by attending some of the webinars and events on AWS. But one important thing to note down here is they will see proof that you have actually attended the event or the webinar.

Way-6: Earn AWS Credits by publishing an Alexa skill

If you are a developer, you have one more simple way to earn $100 in AWS credits for publishing an Alexa skill. The time to show your skills.

AWS credits for students

AWS encourages students to learn AWS clouds by providing many free training materials, free tools, Access to different AWS events and forums, and not only those but also provide free AWS credits via AWS Educate program.

A student can get USD $35 in free AWS credits and another point is if the student belongs to an organization that is a member of the AWS Educate program, then that student can get $100 in free AWS credits.

If you are a student and you are really interested to learn about AWS cloud, you can create an AWS Free Account For Students now.

Startup India AWS credits

Amazon encourages all startups including startups in India to grow and implement their cloud solutions with the help of AWS.

Amazon helps all the startups by providing free resources or resources at lower cost, simple infra needed for cloud, etc via the AWS Activate program. Not only that, you as a startup will get a good amount of AWS free credits depending on different terms and conditions to help you as a startup financially towards cloud solutions.

To help the startup in India, even AWS has Data Centre clusters in India (Mumbai, Telangana regions, etc ). To utilize this opportunity, if you are a startup, you can register for the AWS Activate program now.

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Wrapping Up

Well, you have the idea now What are AWS credits, how to get free aws credits. Now, it’s your turn to earn as much as AWS credits and improve your learning towards AWS cloud.