How to install AzCopy

How to install AzCopy

This Azure article will discuss the quick steps to install AzCopy.

How to install AzCopy

AzCopy is available for operating systems like Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

You can download Azcopy and install it using the below steps.

Click on the Links based on your operating system where you want to install the AzCopy. Here, we will see the installation for the Windows operating system.

azcopy install linux

Once you click on the Windows 64-bit (zip) link,

you will get the zip file downloaded. You can extract the file from any of your physical drives, copy that complete path, and keep it in a notepad.

install azcopy linux

Now, inside the extracted folder, if you try to run the application file by double-clicking it, it will show that This is a command-line tool. You need to open the cmd.exe to run it.

install azcopy on linux

Now open the command prompt, and go to the path where you have extracted the folder (You can copy the path from the notepad you copied earlier).

cd C:\Users\Bijay\Desktop\azcopy_windows_amd64_10.4.3

From that path, type the command AzCopy and hit Enter. You can able to see all the commands with details.

install azcopy ubuntu


How fast is AzCopy?

There are significant improvements in uploading files with AzCopy.

The table below shows the improvement level as per Microsoft.

Storage ExplorerStorage Explorer w/AzCopy% of Improvements
10K 100KB files1 hour 36 minutes59 seconds98.9 percent
100 100MB5 minutes 12 seconds1 minute 35 seconds69.5 percent
1 10GB file3 minutes 41 seconds1 minute 40 seconds54.7 percent

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed how to install AzCopy. Thanks for reading this article !!!