AWS Datasync vs Storage Gateway

AWS Storage Gateway VS Datasync

In this AWS article, we will discuss AWS Storage Gateway VS Datasync.

AWS Datasync vs Storage Gateway

Find some critical differences between AWS Data Sync and AWS Storage Gateway

AWS DatasyncAWS Storage Gateway
You can consider AWS Datasync as an online data transfer service.Provides you with three storage interfaces File, Tape, and Volume.
Helps you to copy your data from different storage services via the Internet or AWS Direct Connect.AWS Storage Gateway can help you to establish a connection between Your on-premises environment with AWS S3 to transfer your data.
Provides you three types of storage interfaces File, Tape, and Volume.
Connects with the storage using different protocols like SMB, NFS, or the API provided by Amazon S3.You can get different storage protocols: NFS, iSCSI, SMB, etc.
You must pay based on storage, data transfer rates, and your standard requests to read/write data to/from AWS.You must pay based on the request, storage type, storage amount, and the data transferred amount outside of AWS.

These are the critical differences between Storage Gateway vs Datasync.

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we discussed AWS Datasync VS Storage Gateway and the critical differences between them.