Azure AD B2C Tutorial

In this Azure article, we will discuss a complete tutorial on Azure AD B2C.

Azure AD B2C Tutorial

Azure AD B2C or Azure Active Directory B2C is basically an identity management service that actually helps you with custom control with respect to how the customers sign up, sign in, and do profile management using lists of options like Android, iOS, etc.

You can also term the Azure AD B2C as an authentication solution and that page can be customized with your own brand. You can customize the page using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a better user experience.

As part of the authentication, Azure AD B2C uses different protocols like OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, SAML, etc.

Technical and Features of Azure AD B2C

Let’s discuss a few of the key features of Azure AD B2C.

A tenant is your organization in the case of Azure AD B2C and the tenant is nothing but the directory of the users.

Primary resources for Azure AD B2C

The main resources while working with Azure AD B2C are Directory (Responsible for storing your users’ credentials and profile data)Application registrations (Helps you to register your applications with Azure AD B2C to enable identity management)User flows, and custom policies (Provides the identity experiences for your applications), Identity providers (Provides the federation settings for your applications)Keys (Responsible for providing the encryption keys for signing in), etc.

Different Accounts in Azure AD B2C

There are different types of accounts that are defined by Azure AD B2C. Those are the Work accountGuest account, and Consumer account.

Protects Customers data with different mechanism

Below are the few security features that Azure AD B2C provides to safeguard your data.

Multi-factor authentication

Azure AD B2C MFA helps you to safeguard your data with the additional form for authentication.

Complexity Of the Password

The user needs to provide a password that meets the password complexity rule. It enforces a strong password policy which in turn helps you to save your data and applications.

Provides The Audit Logs

Azure AD B2C provides you with the audit logs that helps you to diagnose issues easily. It also provides the information on the resources, access tokens, etc.

Usage Insights

Azure AD B2C provides you with the usage insights that help to get all the information on how to sign up, sign in, edit profile, reset the password, etc.

Smart account lockout

Microsoft Azure AD B2C also provides you the smart account lockout feature that helps you to immediately locks the account based on the IP of the request when there is a password guessing attempt.

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Wrapping Up

In this Azure article, we discussed a complete tutorial on Azure AD B2C. Thanks for reading this article !!!