Azure AD Reply URL

Let’s learn all about Azure AD Reply URL, the rules that need to be followed, how to set up Azure AD Reply URL, etc. as part of this article.

Azure AD Reply URL

Azure AD Reply URL is also known as the Azure AD Redirect URI. This is the place where the server sends the user after the app has been authorized successfully and granted an access token.

Rules Need To Follow For The Azure AD Reply URL

There are different rules you need to follow while deciding on Azure AD Reply URLs. Below are a few of them.

  • The Azure AD Reply URL must start with https.
  • The Azure AD Reply URL is case-sensitive in nature. It must match with the Running application URL case.
  • The maximum number of characters you can use in the Azure AD URL is 256.
  • You should avoid wild card URLs, for example, https://*
  • The maximum number of URLs allowed in the case of Organizations’ Azure AD tenant is 256 But in the case of personal accounts, it is 100 maximum.

Where To Set Azure AD Reply URL

Follow the below steps to set the Azure AD Reply URL

  1. Login to the Azure Portal
  2. Search for the Azure Active Directory and click on the search result Azure Active Directory
reply url azure ad

3. On the Default Directory page, click on the App registrations from the left navigation and then click on the + New registrations button as highlighted below.

azure reply url

You can set the Azure Redirect URI as highlighted below.

Where To Set Azure AD Redirect URI

Azure AD Multiple Reply URLs

You can also able to add Multiple Azure AD URLs.

Once You click on the Register your Azure AD App will be created successfully.

Now navigate to the Azure AD App that you have created above, then click on the Authentication option from the left navigation then Under Redirect URI, click on the Add URL button as highlighted below to add multiple Redirect URI or Azure AD reply URLs.

Where To Set Azure AD  multiple Reply URLs

Wrapping Up

In this Azure article, we discussed all about Azure AD Reply URL. Thanks for reading this article !!!