Azure Blob Storage Pricing

Well, let’s discuss about the Azure Blob Storage Pricing.

Azure Blob Storage Pricing

The pricing of the block blob storage depends on multiple factors like the selected Data redundancy option, volume of data stored, the operation type and the quantity, etc. The Redundancy options are LRS, ZRS, GRS, RA GRS, GZRS, RAGZRS, etc.

Prices for the Data Storage

For the First 50 terabytes (TB) / monthYou need to pay $0.15/GBYou will have to pay $0.0208/GBYou need to pay $0.0152/GBYou will have to pay $0.00099/GB
For the Next 450 TB / monthYou will have to pay $0.15/GBYou need to pay $0.0200/GBYou need to pay $0.0152/GBYou need to pay $0.00099/GB
For the Next Over 500 TB / monthYou need to pay $0.15/GBYou need to pay $0.0192/GBYou need to pay $0.0152/GBYou need to pay $0.00099/GB

Operations and Data Transfer prices

Write operations (per 10,000)1₹1.6194₹3.6353₹6.6097₹7.9316
List and Create Container Operations₹4.6268₹3.6353₹3.6353₹3.6353
Read operations (per 10,000)₹0.1296₹0.2909₹0.6610₹396.5775
Archive High Priority Read (per 10,000)5₹4,626.7375
All other Operations (per 10,000),
except for Delete, which is free
Data Retrieval (per GB)FreeFree₹0.6610₹1.5864
Archive High Priority Retrieval (per GB)5₹9.2535
Data Write (per GB)4FreeFreeFreeFree

You can check out the Azure Block blob cost for more information.


Here, we discussed the details of Azure blob storage cost. Now it’s time to decide if you wish to go with Azure blob storage, seeing the above pricing structure. Thanks for taking the time to read this article !!!