Azure Blob Storage URL

Now, let’s discuss the Azure blob storage URL format.

storage account helps you provide a unique namespace in Azure for your data. You can access each object stored in your Azure storage with the help of an address with an account name that is unique. The account name and the Azure Storage service endpoint combine to form the endpoints for your storage account.

The default  URL for accessing the Blob service in a storage account is https://<our account name>.

We can map our domain or subdomain to the Blob service for our storage account so that users can browse using the custom domain.

You can also add a subdomain to the hostname. For example, Add the subdomain “mysubdomain” to the hostname. The URL will be

You can access the URL in the browser http://<subdomain.customdomain>/<mycontainer>/<myblob>

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This article discussed the Azure blob storage URL and how to access Azure blob storage via url. Thanks for reading this article !!!