Logic Apps VS Power Automate

In this Azure article, let’s learn the key differences between Azure logic apps vs power automate.

Logic Apps VS Power Automate

Let’s do a tabular comparison between Power Automate vs logic apps.

Azure Logic AppsPower Automate
Azure Logic Apps is a cloud-based service or platform that helps you to create and run the workflows that integrate with your application, data, etc. Check out the Azure Logic Apps Tutorial for more details.Microsoft Power Automate, which was earlier known as Microsoft Flow is a software that provides the opportunity to users for creating automated workflows.
It is a SaaS (Software as a Service).It is an IPaas (Integration Platform as a Service).
A better choice for very complex requirements.Better for less complex requirements or functionalities.
You can use it for automating complex procedures where human interruption is needed at certain points.Power Automate is a better choice for complete automation with no human interruption.
You must have an Azure subscription to run the Azure Logic App.No need for any Azure Subscription here, and you need Office 365 instead.
You can use Visual Studio or a browser-based editor to build an Azure Logic App.You need a browser-based editor for developing a power automate.

Here, you can use Save Failed to highlight the error.
You can use a flow checker for error-handling purposes.
You can use HTTP (Automated), Scheduled, Webhook, HTTP Call (Manual), etc.You can use different trigger types like Automated, Scheduled, Instant, UI Flow, Business Process, etc.
Target audiences are Developers, Administrators, It professionals, etc.Target audiences are Makers in Office 365, End Users, etc.

Wrapping Up

In this Azure article, we discussed the key differences between Microsoft logic apps vs power automate. Thanks for reading this article !!!