Azure Portal App Download & Installation

Let us discuss the Microsoft Azure portal app download option and how to install the Azure portal app.

Azure portal app

  • Azure portal app is a new application introduced by Microsoft that helps you to access and manage all your Azure resources differently.
  • The Windows operating system currently supports this.
  • This is a desktop application for the Azure portal. The performance of this application is really good.

Download Azure Portal App

To start with the installation, the First step is to open the below site to download the app

Once the above website opens, click on the Download the Azure Portal app button to download the AzurePortalInstaller.exe file.

azure portal app download

How to install Azure portal app

Run the AzurePortalInstaller.exe file to install the Azure portal App. Once the app is successfully installed, you can search for that from your Start menu.

azure panel

Click on that. It will ask you to enter the Azure credentials. Enter the credentials and click on the Sign in button.

microsoft portal azure

After the login, you can able to see the Azure Portal App. It will be similar to the Azure Portal web. Now, you can explore all the options in the Azure Portal App.

aure portal

You can view and manage all the applications in this Azure portal app, including web apps, databases, virtual machines, virtual networks, storage, etc.

This is the right option for your daily activities in Azure Portal. It will be a quick option for you with high performance.

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This article discussed all the Microsoft Azure portal app, how to download the Microsoft Azure portal app, and the installation steps. Thanks for reading this article !!!