Azure Rename Resource Group

Azure Rename Resource Group

Are you wondering how to rename a Resource Group in Azure? I’m sorry to say that there is no way to rename a Resource Group in Azure.

Azure Rename Resource Group

To achieve this, you can create a new Resource Group with the new name you want to rename and then move all your Azure resources from the old Resource Group to the new Resource Group. Once you cross-check and ensure that all the Azure Resources have been moved successfully to the new Resource Group, delete the old Resource Group.

Follow the steps below to move all the resources from the old Resource Group to a new Resource Group using the Azure Portal.

  1. Log in to the Azure Portal.
  2. Search for Resource Groups and click on the search result Resource Groups.
Rename Resource Groups in Azure

3. you can now see the list of resource groups you created.

4. Click on the source or the old Resource Group. In my case, My old Resource Group was DEMORG1, which I want to rename it. Since renaming the Resource Group is impossible, I have created a new Resource Group DEMORG1. So here, I intend to move all the Azure resources from the DEMORG1 Resource Group to the DEMORG2 Resource Group.

So, Let me click on the source or the old Resource Group DEMORG1 from the lists of Resource Groups. Once you click on the Resource Group, you can see the Azure Resources that the Resource Group belongs to. Select all the Azure Resources by selecting the Name check box.

rename resource group azure

5. After selecting all the Azure resources, click on the More option, select Move, and then choose Move to another resource group.

how to rename resource group in azure

6. Select the Target Resource Group on the Move Resources window. In my case, the target Resource Group is DEMORG2 –> Click on the Next button.

rename azure resource group

7. Now, it takes a few seconds to check whether the resources can be moved.

8. Now click on the Next button on the Resources tab to move the tab.

azure rename resource group

9. Cross-check if the Source and target Resource Groups are correct on the Review tab. Select the check box “I understand that tools and scripts associated with moved resources will not work until I update them to use new resource IDs”. –> Finally, click on the Move button to move the resources from the source Resource Groups to the target Resource Groups.

how to rename a resource group in azure

10. Now, you can see below that the Azure resource moved from the source Resource Group (DEMORG1) to the target Resource Group (DEMORG2) successfully.

can you rename a resource group in azure

11. As a next step, you can navigate to the Source or the old Resource Group and click on the Delete Resource Group button to delete the Resource Group. There is no point in keeping the old Resource Group. So, you can delete the Source Resource Group as a clean-up activity.

change resource group name azure

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Wrapping Up

So, there is no provision to rename Resource Group in Azure. As an alternative, you can create a new Azure Resource Group and move all your Azure Resources from the old Resource Group to the new Resource Group in Azure Portal using the above instruction mentioned in this article.