Azure VM Stopped Deallocated

In some scenarios, you might see that the Azure Virtual Machine has stopped and deallocated automatically.

Azure VM Stopped (Deallocated Automatically)

If you found this scenario, You need to make sure a few key points here.

  1. Ensure you have enough Azure Credit to run the Virtual Machine and are not out of a shortage of Azure Credit.
  2. There might be a chance of any urgent update from Microsoft.
  3. Another important point is that anyone might have done this action manually. You can check out the information below to ensure what has gone wrong.

Check out the information below

  • Log in to the Azure Portal.
  • Search for Virtual Machines and click on the search result Virtual Machines.
  • Now, on the Virtual Machines page, you can see a list of Virtual Machines created by you. Click on the specific virtual machine where you want to check the activity.
  • Click on the “activity log” and then specify the period when you want to look at it. This will give you a clear picture of what actions have been performed for the particular virtual machine.


If you found your Azure Virtual Machine has stopped and deallocated automatically. Ensure to check out the information mentioned in this article. Thanks for reading this article !!!