Create Azure SQL Managed Instance

How to create SQL managed instance in azure

This Azure tutorial will discuss how to create an Azure SQL-managed instance.

Create Azure SQL Managed Instance

Follow the below steps

1. log in to the Azure portal (

2. Search for the Azure SQL and select the Azure SQL option.

create sql managed instance

3. Click on the + Add button on the Azure SQL window.

Create SQL managed instance in azure

4. On the select SQL deployment option window, click the Create button from the SQL managed instances section.

sql managed instance

5. The Create Azure SQL Database Managed Instance window will open now. Fill out the mandatory information required on the Basics tab.

  • Subscription: Choose your correct subscription.
  • Resource group: You can choose your existing resource group or create a new one by clicking the Create new link.
  • Managed Instance name: Provide a name for the managed instance.
  • Region: Select the region you belong to.
  • Compute + storage: Select the default or configure a new one by clicking on the Configure Manage Instance link per your business needs.
  • Managed Instance admin login: Provide a username for the login.
  • Password: Provide a password as per the password policy
  • Confirm Password: Confirm the same Password.

Click the Next: Networking > button to go to the Networking tab.

how to create azure sql managed instance
azure sql mi

6. On the Networking tab, Fill in the optional options as per the business need.

  • Virtual network: Select a valid virtual network or Create a new one or the default one.
  • Connection type: You can choose a proxy(Default) option or a redirect connection type.
  • Public endpoint (data): Select the Enable option here.

Click on the Next: Additional settings > button to navigate to the Additional settings tab.

azure sql database managed instance
azure sql managed instance

7. Fill in the optional options per the business need on the Additional Settings tab.

  • Collation: Select the collation you want to use for your managed instance. You can click on the Find a Collation to choose a new one, or else you can keep the default one as well.
  • Time zone: Select the time zone you belong to.
  • Use as failover secondary: Choose Yes for this option.

Now click the Next: Tags button to go to the Tags tab.

azure sql managed instance analysis services

8. On the tags tab, you can keep the default option. Click on the Next: Review + Create > button.

azure sql managed instance monitoring

9. Finally, click on the Create button.

How to create SQL managed instance in azure

As you can see now, the deployment has succeeded.

create SQL managed instance in azure

Now, to verify if the Azure SQL-managed instance has been created, you can open your resource group

azure managed database

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In this Azure tutorial, We discussed

  • How to create Azure SQL managed instance

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