What is Azure VPN Gateway and How to create it?

What is Azure VPN Gateway and How to create it

In this article, we will discuss Azure VPN gateway and the steps to create a VPN Gateway in Azure.

What is Azure VPN Gateway?

Virtual network gateway is something that is composed of two virtual machines that are deployed to a specific subnet that is called gateway subnet. These two virtual machines are created when you create a virtual network gateway.

These two virtual machines that belong to the virtual network gateway contain the routing tables.

During the configuration of the virtual network gateway, you need to configure the settings for the gateway type which helps to determine how the virtual network gateway will be used and the actions that the gateway takes.

If you configure the gateway type as VPN, it means that it is a “VPN gateway”. There can be two types of virtual network gateways

  • One VPN gateway
  • One ExpressRoute gateway

It can take up to 45 minutes to create a virtual machine gateway.

How to Create a VPN Gateway in Azure

To set up a VPN in Azure, follow the below steps.

  1. Log in to the Azure Portal (https://portal.azure.com/)
  2. Search for the virtual network gateway and click on the search result virtual network gateways.
How do I setup a VPN in Azure?

3. On the Virtual network gateways page, click on the + Add button.

Create a VPN gateway

4. On the Virtual network gateway page, Provide the below details

  • Subscription: Select the correct subscription that you want to use for creating the Virtual network gateway.
  • Resource GroupSelect the existing resource group or you can click on the Create new link to create a new resource group.
  • Name: Provide a unique name for the Virtual network gateway.
  • Region: Select the region for the Virtual network gateway.
  • Gateway type: Make sure to select the Gateway type as VPN.
  • VPN type: Select the VPN type based on your requirement.
  • SKU: Provide the SKU or it will also auto-populate the SKU value.
  • Virtual network: Provide your existing Virtual network name if you have or you can click on the Create Virtual Network link to create a new Virtual network.
  • Gateway subnet address range: It will populate a default value or you can also change it based on your requirement.
  • Public IP address: You can select the Create new option for the Public IP address.
  • Public IP address name: Provide a name for the Public IP address.
  • Enable active-active mode: Select the Enable or Disable option based on your requirement.
  • Configure BGP: Select the Enable or Disable option based on your requirement.

Finally, click on the Review + Create button.

How to create a VPN gateway
How to configure a VPN gateway

5. Now, the system will validate all the details provided by you and if everything is correct then it will show you Validation Passed and you can able to see the Create button will be enabled. Finally, click on the Create button to create a VPN.

6. Once, you will click on the create button, it will take a few minutes to create the VPN in Azure. Now you can able to see that the deployment is completed successfully without any issues. Click on the Go to Resource button to navigate to the VPN that we have created just now.

Steps to configure VPN in Azure

You can able to see that the VPN with the mentioned Public IP got created successfully without any issues.

How to configure VPN in Azure

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Wrapping Up

Well, in this article, we discussed What is Azure VPN Gateway and How to create Azure VPN Gateway?. Thanks for reading this article !!!