Durable Functions vs Azure Functions

This Azure tutorial will discuss the key differences between durable functions and Azure functions.

Azure Functions vs Durable Functions

Durable FunctionsAzure Functions
Azure Durable Function is an extended version of Azure Function.Azure Function is an Azure Service from Microsoft that helps you run some code smoothly without worrying about your application’s infrastructure.
It supports different languages like C#, Java, F#, Node.js, etc.It supports different languages like C#, Java, Python, F#, Node.js, PHP, etc.
Azure Durable Functions are best for complex tasks.Azure Functions are best for simple tasks.
An excellent choice for long-running activities.A very good choice for real-time and event-driven tasks.
The execution time of the durable function is longer as compared to the Azure function.The execution time of Azure Function is short as compared to durable functions.
The maximum execution timeout is up to 7 days.The maximum execution timeout is 10 minutes.
It supports function orchestration.It supports function chaining.
Designed for stateful tasks.Designed for stateless execution tasks.
It can run in the Azure cloud.Can run locally.
It is used for serverless workflow tasks.It is used for serverless compute tasks.


This article discussed the key differences between Azure durable functions and Azure functions. Thanks for reading this article.