Azure Durable Functions VS Logic Apps

Durable Functions VS Logic Apps

In this Azure article, we will discuss Durable Functions VS Logic Apps. We will do a tabular comparison between these two.

Azure Durable Functions VS Logic Apps

Discuss a few key differences between Logic Apps and Azure Durable Functions.

Azure Durable FunctionsLogic Apps
Azure Durable Function is an extension of the Azure Functions. Azure Durable functions are more capable than Azure Functions in terms of different functionality, Performance, etc.Logic Apps are logical containers for different workflows that you can define using the triggers and different actions.
Azure Durable Functions works with Imperative programming language patterns.You can use Visual Studio or Visual Designer from Azure Portal while developing the workflow.
You can use C#, F#, JavaScript(Preview), etc for the development activity.
There is no lifespan limit for an instance of an Azure Durable function.
You can deploy the Azure Durable Functions on your on-premises, Azure, Azure stack, etc.
You can able to develop the workflow while you are offline.
It is not possible to work with workflows while you are offline. You must be online and need access to Azure in order to develop workflows.One instance of a logic App can run up to 90 days.
You can deploy the Azure Durable Functions on your on- premises, Azure, Azure stack, etc.You can only able to run the Logic Apps on Azure.
Check out What Are Azure Durable Functions for more information.Check out What is Azure logic apps for more information.

You can run a business workflow in Azure using the Logic App service. Moreover, the Logic App is a logical container for one workflow you can define using triggers and actions. 

Final Thoughts

In this Azure article, we discussed Logic Apps vs Azure Durable Functions. Thanks for reading this article !!!