Azure Durable Functions VS AWS Step Functions

Azure Durable Functions VS AWS Step Functions

Let’s discuss a few key differences between Azure Durable Functions and AWS Step Functions.

Azure Durable FunctionsAWS Step Functions
Azure Durable Function is an extension of the Azure FunctionsAzure Durable functions are more capable than Azure Functions in terms of different functionality, Performance, etc.AWS step functions are server-less functions that help you to sequence AWS lambda functions quickly. It also helps you to create complex workflows for business-critical applications.
Can be used to create complex workflows.Provides easy-to-use workflow configuration.
Provides built-in error handling.
Azure Durable Functions are stateful in nature.Provides Built-in state management.
Check out What Are Azure Durable Functions? for more information.

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Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed Azure Durable Functions VS AWS Step Functions and the key differences between them. Thanks for reading this article !!!