In this Azure PowerShell article, we will discuss the syntax and usage of the Get-AzureADDevice PowerShell command with examples of how to use this command.


This is an excellent Azure PowerShell cmdlet that can help you to get the details of the lists of devices from your Azure Active Directory.


Find the below syntax of the Get-AzureADDevice PowerShell command.


Let’s discuss a few examples of how to use the Get-AzureADDevice PowerShell command.


You can execute the below PowerShell command to get the details of all the Azure AD devices.


After executing the above PowerShell command, I got the below-expected output.

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Connect-AzureAD -TenantId 5d9d690a-0310-474d-ae8b-42df2d549228

Account                   Environment TenantId                             TenantDomai
-------                   ----------- --------                             ----------- AzureCloud  5d9d690a-0310-474d-ae8b-42df2d549228 fewlines...

DeletionTimestamp             : 
ObjectId                      : a34dad44-3e2f-4aff-a84b-3027bad701b4
ObjectType                    : Device
AccountEnabled                : True
AlternativeSecurityIds        : {class AlternativeSecurityId {
                                  Key: System.Byte[]
                                  Type: 2
ApproximateLastLogonTimeStamp : 
ComplianceExpiryTime          : 
DeviceId                      : 5ba7f2b6-a1cd-417f-b894-aa90d948d8f6
DeviceMetadata                : 
DeviceObjectVersion           : 
DeviceOSType                  : OS/2
DeviceOSVersion               : 9.4
DevicePhysicalIds             : {}
DeviceTrustType               : 
DirSyncEnabled                : 
DisplayName                   : TsInfo device
IsCompliant                   : 
IsManaged                     : 
LastDirSyncTime               : 
ProfileType                   : 
SystemLabels                  : {}

You can see the same output in the below screenshot.


You can use the New-AzureADDevice PowerShell command to create a new device in your Azure Active Directory.

You can also check out the below video tutorial on the Get-AzureADDevice command.

Final Thoughts

Well, In this Azure PowerShell article, we discussed the syntax and usage of the Get-AzureADDevice command with an example of how to use this command. Thanks for reading this article !!!