Install Azure AD Connect

Let’s learn the quick steps to Install Azure AD Connect. Before that, check out the lists of Azure AD Connect Requirements.

How to install Azure AD Connect

As we have discussed, you can download the .msi file from the Microsoft link or the Azure Portal using the above steps. Once you will download the .msi file using the above steps. Follow the below instructions to learn how to install Azure Ad Connect.

  1. The first step is to double-click on the AzureADConnect.msi file to launch it that you have downloaded in the above step.
  2. Now, you can see the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect wizard welcome screen. Click on the Continue button to navigate to the next screen.
  3. Now you will see two buttons that are customized and Use express settings. Click on the Use Express settings button.
  4. The Connect to Azure AD screen will ask you to enter your Azure AD global administrator credentials. Enter your credentials and click the Next button to navigate to the next screen. An important point to remember is that this account is only needed to configure the AAD connect.
  5. Enter your Active Directory Domain Services enterprise administrator credentials on the Connect to AD DS screen and click Next.
  6. You might see the Azure AD Sign-in configuration page. Review if you can see any domains not listed as verified, and you need to verify it in the Azure AD before moving to the next step.
  7. After verifying your domain, click on the Refresh icon. You should see the status as verified by now.
  8. Otherwise, for the same stuff, you can tick the check box for Continue without matching all UPN suffixes to verified domains. This will allow you to continue the Azure AD Connect wizard.
  9. Click on the Next button as the next step.
  10. After verifying the domain in the last step, check the box for starting the synchronization process when the configuration completes. Otherwise, you can uncheck the check box and click the Install button. One important point is that if you uncheck the box, sync will be configured, but the problem is that it won’t run until you re-run the AAD Connect wizard. It won’t run.
  11. Now, the installation will start. If there are any errors, it will be listed on the Configuration Complete page. You can click on the Exit button to complete the setup.

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This is how to install Azure AD Connect by following the above steps.