Install MARS Agent

Well, now let’s discuss how to Install and register the MARS agent.

Install MARS agent

First, Download MARS Agent and then follow the below steps to install the Azure Backup agent

1. Run the MARSagentinstaller.exe file you downloaded following the above steps on the machines you want to back up.

mars agent installer

2. In the Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent Setup Wizard, select Installation Settings. There, choose where to install the MARS agent, and choose a Cache location. Then select Next.

install mars agent

3. On the Proxy Configuration tab, specify how the agent will connect to the internet. Make sure it will show you you are connected to the internet. Then select Next.

You can choose a custom proxy settings also But the MARS agent should able to access the needed URLs.

4. For the Microsoft Update option, you can select the Use Microsoft Update when I check for updates(recommended) option and then click on the Next button.

mars agent

5. Now click on the Install button.

how to install MARS agent

6. Now, it has installed the MARS agent successfully without any issues. Now click on the Proceed to Registration button to register the MARS agent.

mars agent installation

7. In the Register Server Wizard, browse the Vault credential file you downloaded, then select the Next button.

how to Install and register the MARS agent

8. On the Encryption Setting page, specify a passphrase or click on the Generate Passphrase button, which will be used to deal with the backup data. Save the Passphrase into a secure location. You need to restore the backup data.

Note: One important thing to note down here is If you lose the passphrase, Microsoft can’t help you recover your backup data.

Now click on the Finish button.

how to register the MARS agent

9. Now you will get the below warning since you are storing your Passphrase in your local machine, Click on the Yes button to proceed.

How to register the MARS agent with Vault credentials

10. Now the Registration is completed.

How to install and register the MARS agent with Vault credentials

Since we have checked the Launch Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent option, it will open the Azure Recovery Services Agent window. Now click on the Schedule Backup option to configure the Backup details.

How to register the MARS agent with Vault credentials

This way, by following the above steps and processes, we can Install and register the MARS agent.

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This article discussed how to Install and register the MARS agent. Thanks for reading this article !!!