MARS Agent Download

This article will discuss the quick steps to download MARS agent option.

MARS Agent Download

To download the MARS agent, you can follow the below steps.

1. Log in to Azure Portal (

2. Navigate to the Recovery Services Vault and click the Backup link under the Getting Started section on the Recovery Services Vault page.

Download the MARS agent

3. Select Where is your workload running? Option as On-premises and select the What do you want to backup? Option as Files and Folder; you can also select the System State.

azure mars agent download

4. Now click on the Prepare Infrastructure button.

azure backup mars agent download

5. Click on the Download Agent for Windows Server or Windows Client link under the Install Recovery Services agent option.

mars agent latest version

6. Click on the Save button to save the installer on your local machine

download mars agent installer

Select the Already downloaded or use the latest Recovery Services Agent option under Download vault credentials to register the server to the vault. Vault credentials will expire after 2 days option, then click on the Download button.

azure backup agent download

Now click on the Save button to save the Vault credentials file in your local system path.

mars agent download

This is how we can download the MARS agent and the Vault credentials using the Microsoft Azure Portal. Now is the time to install the register of the MARS agent.

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This article discussed the quick steps to download the MARS agent in the Azure Portal.