Azure Support Phone Number

Phone Number for Microsoft Assure Support

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Azure Support Phone Number

You can contact the Microsoft Executive at 1-800-867-1389 (United States) for Assistance. For other Countries, you can follow the below URL to find out the Microsoft Azure Support Number.

Phone Number for Microsoft Assure Support

If you want your Windows and Office-related software to work fine always and you want somebody to assist you in case of any issue with the Software related to your Windows and Office stuff.

Then, here is the opportunity Microsoft is providing you; though it’s not a free service, you can pay and utilize the support service from a Microsoft Support executive who can help you to fix your issue as soon as possible.

Below are the options

Assure software support——–> You can buy One year of  Office & Windows software support as needed——->Can be supported Up to 5 personal devices——> You can get both the Chart and Phone Call Facility.

If you want to buy the Assure Subscription, then you can visit the below URLs

Or, you can buy through the below URL

You can also return the Assure subscription if you don’t like it. You can return it within 30 days of the Purchase. You need to contact the Microsoft Support Team.

There is no limit to the number of times used, You can use your Assure subscription any time you want to during your subscription year.

If you have a valid Assure subscription, you do not need to call a specific phone number. You call or chart with Microsoft and inform the executive that you hold a valid Assure Subscription. Then, they will connect you to the right person. Ensure you keep the Microsoft account name you used while buying the Assure Subscription, the details the executive will ask you to provide.

To Call Microsoft to get your Assure Subscription benefit, you can find the phone number from the URL below.


Is there a phone number for Microsoft support?

Yes, there is a phone number for Microsoft support. If you want to call Microsoft Support, you can call on the below number.

1800 102 1100

This is the customer service phone number for the Microsoft Corporation.

How do I talk to a live person at Microsoft?

You can call the number below to contact a live person for Microsoft Corporation customer service. This service is available 24 hours a day.

The number is 1-877-696-7786.

You can call 24 hours in a day to contact a live person for the Microsoft Corporation customer service.

Does Microsoft Offer Free Tech Support?

Yes, a Get Help application on Windows 10 helps you with free support for Microsoft Products. If you will explain your problem with all the details, then they can help you to fix your issue.

How Do I Contact the Microsoft Legal Department?

You can call the law enforcement hotline of Microsoft. The number to call the Microsoft Legal Department is (425) 722-1299.

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