You can use the Start-AzVM PowerShell command to start Azure VM using PowerShell.


Below is the syntax of the Start-AzVM PowerShell command.

Syntax of Start-AzVM

Start-AzVM [-ResourceGroupName] <String> [-Name] <String>
Start-AzVM -ResourceGroup "Your resource Group Name" -Name "Virtual Machine Name"

Example of Start-AzVM

Below cmdlet will start the “TsInfoVM1” virtual machine under the “Demo123” resource group.

Start-AzVM -ResourceGroup "Demo123" -Name "TsInfoVM1"

Once I have executed the Azure PowerShell cmdlet, I get the output below, and it starts the Virtual machine.

OperationId : 403c32fd-53d0-43ee-ab0f-8bbd1aae06fb
Status      : Succeeded
StartTime   : 4/10/2023 12:05:26 PM
EndTime     : 4/10/2023 12:05:39 PM
Error       : 

You can see the same output in the below screenshot.

powershell start vm azure

I have verified the Virtual machine status in the Azure Portal to cross-check. See the below screenshot. It started the Virtual Machine Successfully.


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In this article, we discussed how to start Azure VM using PowerShell with the help of the Start-AzVM PowerShell command. Thanks for reading this article !!!