What does Azure Monitor do

Let’s learn What does Azure Monitor do, etc.

Azure Monitor is a tool from Microsoft that helps you collect and analyze the data from the different Azure resources. Mainly, it helps you with the information, How your application is performing, or Any issue with your Application that might affect the performance of your Application.

What does Azure Monitor do

You might be wondering what exactly we can do with the Azure Monitor. Below are a few key usages of the Azure Monitor.

  • Find out different issues and diagnose them from different applications and dependencies with the Application insights.
  • With the help of the Azure Monitor tool, you can analyze deeper and troubleshoot the data with Log Analytics.
  • It helps you to create visualizations with the Azure dashboards and workbooks.
  • Azure Monitor also helps you to Relate the infrastructure issues with the Azure VMs.

Azure monitors your Azure Virtual machines and analyzes your Virtual machine performance and health condition.

Application insights help you to monitor your web application availability, performance, usage, etc. Here, the Azure Monitor helps you to deeply analyze the operation of your applications and help you to diagnose the errors without waiting for the users to report those issues.

There is also a set of logic that provides insight for a specific application or Azure Service, termed as a Monitoring solution in the case of Azure Monitor. They are responsible for collecting the monitoring data for the application or services. They also provide the queries to analyze those data.

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