How to access Azure Active Directory

Learn the 2 simple ways to access Azure AD.

  • Using the Azure Portal
  • Using Microsoft 365 admin center.

How to access Azure Active Directory

You can access Azure AD using the below steps.

1. Login to Azure Portal (

2. Search for the Azure Active Directory and click on the search result to access the Azure Active Directory.

How to Access Azure AD

Or, for the same option, you can click on the Azure Active Directory link from the left-side navigation

How to access Azure Active Directory

3. Now, once you click on the Azure Active Directory link, You can see the Azure Active Directory page, Where you can perform multiple tasks.

how to access windows azure active directory

Alternatively, you can access the Azure AD from the Office 365 or Microsoft 365 admin center.

Login to Microsoft 365 Admin Center, and then you can click on Azure Active Directory like below:

access azure active directory

This is how you can access the Azure Active Directory using the Azure Portal.

Voila! Accessing the Azure Active Directory using the information mentioned in this article is so simple. Thanks for reading this article !!!