Azure AD Premium Features

This Azure AD tutorial will discuss Azure Active Directory Premium P1 features and Azure Active Directory Premium P2 features. We will check the Azure Active Directory and Azure AD Premium P1 and P2 license features and benefits.

Azure active directory premium features

Azure Active Directory comes with four different types of licenses:

  • Azure AD premium P1
  • Azure AD premium P2
  • Free
  • Office 365 apps

Azure AD Premium Features

The free edition is included with an online service license. For example, you can access free Azure active directory features if you have Azure, dynamics 365, or Office 365.

 If we will categories based on the features, then Azure active directory will be of two categories:

  • Azure active directory free: Here, you can manage user accounts, groups, and single sign-on access. On-premises active directory synchronization with Azure active directory.  apart from that, you can access various popular software-as-a-service applications like Office 365, Salesforce, Google Apps, Dropbox, etc. All the applications support single sign-on.
  • Azure active directory premium:  with an active directory premium license, you can get all the active directory free features, and you will also get various enterprise label identity management capabilities or features.

If you are new to the Azure active directory, then check out an article on what is your active directory.

Azure AD Premium P1 Features: ($6 user/month)

All the above features will be available in the Azure active directory premium P1 license. Apart from that, below are the features that are available only as part of Azure Active Directory Premium P1 features:

Benefits of Azure AD Premium P1

  • Unlimited Directory objects
  • Unlimited Single sign-on Apps
  • Password protection
  • Password protection for Windows Server active directory
  • Self-service password reset/ change/ unlock
  • Group access management
  • Cloud app Discovery
  • Azure AD-join
  • Advanced Security Analysis reports
  • Application proxy
  • Dynamic groups
  • Group creation permission delegation
  • Group naming policy
  • Usage Guidelines
  • Group expiration
  • Azure information protection integration
  • SharePoint Limited access
  • Multi-factor authentication with conditional access etc

These are the Azure P1 license benefits lists, and Azure AD P1 features.

Azure AD Premium P2 Features: ($9 user/month)

Active directory premium P2 license includes every feature of Azure active directory.  all the features will be available below as part of Azure AD Premium P2 features.

Benefits of Azure AD Premium P2

  • Unlimited Directory objects
  • Unlimited Single sign-on Apps
  • Vulnerabilities and risky accounts detection
  • Risk-based conditional access policy
  • Privileged identity management
  • Access reviews
  • Entitlement management, etc.


These are the Azure P2 license benefits lists and Azure AD P2 features.

What is available in Premium P2 and not in Premium P1?

Two excellent features are available in the case of Premium P2. These are Identity Protection and Identity Governance.

  1. Identity Protection

It helps with Risky accounts detection, Risk-based Conditional Access policies, Risk events investigation, etc. You can consider it as a tool that helps with the following benefits

  • It helps to export the data to third-party utilities so that it will be helpful for further investigation.
  • Helps to investigate the risk factors.
  • Helps with the automation process that helps identify identity-based risks quickly.

The User risk policy

Using the user risk policy, the Administrator can protect the users and group members. It also allows the Administrator to set the risk level, i.e., Low, Medium, or High. Based on the risk level, the Admin can set the conditions so that the Policy can be executed based on the condition.

The Sign-in risk policy

The Administrator can protect the sign-in users and group members using the sign-in risk policy. It also allows the Administrator to set the risk level, i.e., Low, Medium, or High. Based on the risk level, the Admin can set the conditions so that the Policy can be executed based on the condition.

2. Identity Governance

Identity Governance includes Access reviews, Privileged Identity Management, Entitlement Management, etc.

Privileged Identity Management (PIM)

Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management (PIM) is an excellent service that allows you to manage, control, and monitor access to the important in your organization. Privileged Identity Management (PIM) also helps to limit admin access.

The PIM works with 4 essential steps. Those are as below

  1. Assign
  2. Activate
  3. Approve
  4. Audit

Azure AD Premium Key Features

The key Azure AD premium features are as below

1- Enterprise SLA 99.9%:

There is a guarantee of 99.9% availability of the Azure Active Directory Premium service.

2- Forefront Identity Manager:

The Azure Active Directory Premium features also help you use your network’s FIM server. This helps you more when you have different on-premises directories and databases if you want to sync directly to the Azure AD. One more good thing is you can use any number of FIM servers based on your requirements; there is no limit on this.

3- Multi-Factor Authentication

Security is very important in any organization. Azure active directory Premium Features provides multi-factor authentication, also known as two-step verification, that helps you secure access to Azure. This provides an additional level of security for the users to sign in. So if any user’s password is compromised still, their account is secure. Other people cannot access it even if they have the password. Here, users have to provide multiple factors to authenticate themselves.

4- The Self-service password reset feature

Azure active directory premium feature allows users to reset their password by themselves without contacting any support team. This feature is known as a self-service password reset.  they can unlock their account as well as change their password by themselves.

5- Self-service group management feature

The Azure Active Directory Premium Feature also helps you by providing an excellent feature known as the Self-service group management feature that helps you with the capability of enabling users to create groups, delegate group ownership, request access to other groups, etc.

6- Provides Advanced Alerts and Reports

It also provides the advanced error log report and the advanced alert that helps to identify the issues quickly and that helps to provide quick resolution.

What is the Key Difference Between Azure AD Premium P1 vs P2?

Well, let’s discuss a few of the key differences between Azure AD Premium P1 vs P2  features.

Azure AD P1: Azure AD Premium P1 provides us with a few excellent features like Identity management for different categories of users like on-premise users, remote users, and hybrid users, which includes access management, self-group management, self-service identity features, etc. Microsoft Identity Manager also provides an excellent tool that helps with identity and access management.

Azure AD P2: Compared to Azure AD Premium P1, Azure AD Premium P2 has all the features that Azure AD Premium P1 has. Along with those, Azure AD Premium P2 provides some additional features like Identity Protection, which helps to save critical data and applications, and Privileged Identity Management (PIM), which helps to enhance the management of Privileged accounts.

Azure AD P1 vs. P2 pricing comparison

You can get the Azure AD Premium P1 features for $6 monthly. At the same time, you need to pay $9 per month for the Azure AD Premium P2 features.

Azure Active Directory Premium Business Benefits

Let’s discuss a few key business benefits of Azure Active Premium below

  • One of the key business benefits is that Azure Active Directory Premium provides the ability to implement the single sign-on facility for any cloud or on-premises application that enhances security.
  • Businesses always want to secure their sensitive data and applications. You can secure your sensitive data and applications on-premises and in the cloud using the Multi-Factor Authentication feature.
  • It reduces many costs by providing the self-service capability for a password reset. No need to depend on the support team to change the password.
  • Supports Windows devices, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS.

Which feature is provided only with Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium p2?

Active Directory Premium p2 has all the features of P1, and along with that, you will get a few excellent additional features with Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium p2 version, and those are as below

  • Identity Protection: Here, you will get some excellent functionalities like risky account detection, Vulnerabilities, Different Risk-based conditional access policies, etc.
  • Identity governance: You will get key features like access reviews, Privileged Identity Management, etc, as part of this feature.

Azure Active Directory Free Features

Below are the features available in the Azure active directory free.

  • Directory objects(500000 limits)
  • Single sign-on up to 10 apps
  • Easy provisioning
  • ADFS authentication
  • User and group management
  • Device registration
  • Cloud authentication
  • Azure ad connect sync
  • Self-service password change for cloud users
  • Password protection
  • Multi-Factor authentication
  • Basic security and usage reports, etc

Azure Active Directory Office 365 Apps Features

Azure active directory Office 365 apps license will have all the free features of active directory, with below additional features will be available:

  • Company branding( custom login log out page)
  • Self-service password reset for cloud users
  • Service level agreement
  • Two-way synchronization between Azure active directory on-premises and Azure active directory cloud.


What is Azure Active Directory Premium?

Azure Active Directory Premium is an excellent service that helps you with access management and Identity check capability in the Cloud environment.

Why Azure Active Directory Premium?

Azure Active Directory Premium features provide the benefits of multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on to thousands of cloud (SaaS) apps, easy access to web apps you run on-premises, and Advanced alert and reporting features.

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Wrapping Up

Well, In this tutorial, we discussed Azure AD Premium Features. I hope you have enjoyed this article !!!.