Azure active directory premium features

In this Azure AD tutorial, we will discuss Azure active directory features. We will check what are the advantages of using Azure active directory as well as Azure active directory premium P1 and P2 license features.

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Azure active directory premium features

Azure Active directory comes with four different type of licences:

  • Free
  • Office 365 apps
  • Azure active directory premium P1
  • Azure active directory premium P2

The free edition is included with an online service license, for example, if you have Azure, dynamics 365 or office 365 then you can access free Azure active directory free features.

 If we will categories based on the features then Azure active directory will be of two categories:

  • Azure active directory free: Here you can manage user accounts, groups, single sign-on access. on-premises active directory synchronization with Azure active directory.  apart from that, you can able to access various popular software as a service application like Office 365, Salesforce, Google Apps, Dropbox, etc, All the applications support single sign-on.
  • Azure active directory premium:  with active directory premium license you can get all the active directory free features and also you will get various enterprise label identity management capabilities or features.

If you are new to Azure active directory then check out an article on what is your active directory.

Advantages of Azure active directory

1- single sign-on: Which is the single sign-on feature you are able to access a number of apps from anywhere. The apps include Office 365, Azure, Salesforce Dropbox, etc. Active Directory provides simplify single sign-on services to more than 2800 software as a service application. With Azure active directory free license single sign-on will be assigned to 10 apps per user. But if you have Azure active directory premium license then it can be assigned to unlimited apps per user. 

2- High availability:  Microsoft Azure active directory data centers spread across 58 locations all over the world. Microsoft provides 99.99% SLA for all the paid versions for Azure Active Directory.

3- Application proxy: By using Microsoft Azure active directory application proxy feature organizations can publish on-premises applications for secure remote access.  you really do not need to use any VPN, all your users can access applications over the internet like we are accessing Office 365.

4- Self-service password reset:  Azure active directory provides an option by using which users can reset their password by themselves without contacting any support team. This feature is known as a self-service password reset.  they can unlock their account as well as they can change their password by themselves. The azure active directory also provides a self-service group management feature, by using which users can create and manage groups by themselves who are the owner of the group. Annually organizations can save a lot of money by using the self-service password reset options.

5- Multi-Factor Authentication: Security is very important in any organization. Azure active directory profiles multi-factor authentication which is also known as two-step verification. This provides an additional level of security for the users to sign in. So if any user’s password is compromised still their account is secure, other people cannot access even if they have the password. Here users have to provide multiple factors to authenticate themselves.

6- Privileged identity management: Microsoft provides privileged identity management features in Azure active directory which is used to secure very critical business assets. this will provide just-in-time administrative access.

7- Azure active directory B2B: Microsoft Azure active directory B2B feature allows organizations to add their partners to their projects or groups so that they can share information internally without worrying about the vendor’s identity. partners also can access information from their existing identity.

8- Azure active directory B2C: by using the Azure active directory b2c feature, organization scams allow their customers for their business applications. as an organization, by using Azure active directory b2c feature you can create a tenant where your customers can log in with their social as well as their corporate email accounts.

9-Developer tools access: Azure Active directory allowed the users to integrate and access a number of apps and services like your Google apps, workday, Office 365, myday, Salesforce, box, etc.

Azure Active Directory Free Features

Below are the features available in Azure active directory free.

  • Directory objects(500000 limits)
  • Single sign-on up to 10 apps
  • Easy provisioning
  • ADFS authentication
  • User and group management
  • Device registration
  • Cloud authentication
  • Azure ad connect sync
  • Self-service password change for cloud users
  • Password protection
  • Multi-Factor authentication
  • Basic security and usage reports etc

Azure Active Directory Office 365 Apps Features

Azure active directory Office 365 apps licence will have all the free features of active directory, with below additional features will be available:

  • Company branding( custom login log out page)
  • Self-service password reset for cloud users
  • Service level agreement
  • Two-way synchronization between Azure active directory on-premises and Azure active directory cloud.

Azure Active Directory Premium P1 Features: ($6 user/month)

All the above features will be available in Azure active directory premium P1 license. apart from that below at the features which are available only in Azure active directory premium P1:

  • Unlimited Directory objects
  • Unlimited Single sign-on Apps
  • Password protection
  • Password protection for Windows Server active directory
  • Self service password reset/ change/ unlock
  • Group access management
  • Cloud app Discovery
  • Azure AD-join
  • Advanced Security Analysis reports
  • Application proxy
  • Dynamic groups
  • Group creation permission delegation
  • Group naming policy
  • Usage guidelines
  • Group expiration
  • Azure information protection integration
  • SharePoint Limited access
  • Multi-factor authentication with conditional access etc

Azure Active Directory Premium P2 Features: ($9 user/month)

Active directory premium P2 license include every feature of Azure active directory.  all the features will be available with below additional features.

  • Unlimited Directory objects
  • Unlimited Single sign-on Apps
  • Vulnerabilities and risky accounts detection
  • Risk-based conditional access policy
  • Privileged identity management
  • Access reviews
  • Entitlement management etc.


In this tutorial, we discussed:

  • Various features of Microsoft Azure active directory
  • Azure active directory premium features
  • Various features of Azure active directory premium P1
  • Azure active directory premium P2 features
  • Microsoft Azure active directory free license features

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