Azure Functions Runtime Is Unreachable

This article will discuss the steps to solve the “Azure functions runtime is unreachable” error. This error I came across this while working with Azure Function. There might be a chance you will face the same issue. This article will guide you in the right direction to troubleshoot and fix this issue.

Azure Functions Runtime Is Unreachable

I saw this error Azure function runtime is unreachable for one of my Azure functions in Azure Portal. I was worried because the same Azure Function worked fine a few days back.

The error message was as follows.

“Azure Functions Runtime is unreachable. Click here for details on storage configuration.”

Azure Functions Runtime Is Unreachable

When I started investigating the cause of this issue, I could see, unknowingly, that the storage account related to the Azure Function was deleted.

Azure Functions Runtime Is Unreachable [Solved]

You get this error when the runtime of your Azure Function can’t start due to some issues. Below are the lists of solutions that you can try out.

Check if the storage account Exists

You need to check if the storage account related to your Azure Function still exists. There might be a chance you have deleted the storage account unknowingly or accidentally. The same thing happened in my case.

I was trying to clean up the unused resources from my Azure subscription, and accidentally, I deleted the storage account related to my Azure Function.

So, ensure your storage account still exists and works as expected.

Make sure your storage account is accessible by your Azure Function App

Check and make sure that your Azure Function can access your storage account. A couple of things you can check out.

  1. Cross-check if the setting’s value for allowSharedKeyAccess = True (This is the default value).
  2. Make sure the firewall for your Azure storage account is properly configured to allow the traffic.
  3. Ensure the network rule is configured correctly to allow the traffic.

Verify the Application Settings for the Storage Account Is Deleted

There might be a case that the application settings for the Azure Storage Account might get deleted. You need to cross-check that and act accordingly.

Check out the storage account connection string key value

The storage account connection string contains the Storage Account key that needs to be verified again to ensure it is correct. If you have regenerated the key by chance, that needs to be updated in the Azure Storage connection string.

Check your firewall configuration

Ensure your firewall is properly configured to allow the in and out traffic.

Make sure your execution quota is not full

There might be another possibility that the execution quota for your Apps is full. What exactly happens is once the execution quota is full, it temporarily disables your Azure function apps for some specific hours, and that troubles your Azure Function execution.

You can check the Function App Settings page to cross-check the execution quota. If it is full, then you need to increase the execution quota limit and then restart your Azure function app to make it work properly.

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed how to fix the error “Azure Functions Runtime Is Unreachable” that you might get while working with Azure Functions.