Azure AD Connect Health

Let us learn what is Azure ad Connect Health and its benefits as part of this article.

Azure AD Connect Health

Azure AD Connect Health helps you with excellent support for providing very powerful monitoring of your on-premises identity infrastructure. You can easily maintain a very reliable connection to Microsoft 365 and the different online services of Microsoft with the help of Azure AD Connect Health.

Azure AD Connect Health provides the Azure AD Connect Health portal, where you can get different information like performance monitoring, usage analytics, alerts viewing, and all other information.

Benefits of Azure AD Connect Health

You will get many benefits from using Azure AD Connect Health. Below are a few key benefits.

  • As security plays a vital role, Azure AD Connect Health helps you to enhance security.
  • It’s so simple to deploy and manage Azure AD Connect Health.
  • It’s very user-friendly and provides a simple dashboard to track all the information.
  • You will always get alerted about all the critical issues that help you to fix and get the application up and running quickly.

Now, you can download and install Azure AD Connect Health Agent.


Which service or services can you monitor by using Azure Ad Connect Health?

Answer: Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Online Services.

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